If Social Media Were Superheroes

Here’s a fun infographic from freestyleinteractive.co.uk. If Social Media where superheroes who would they be ?

If Social Media Where Superheroes

Some of the insights are spot on in my opinion.

Facebook is so so unfriendly. The interface stinks…but maybe that’s just me. Maybe I have to use it a bit more.

I can see Twitter as Spiderman, as you can get your message out quickly like a shot of spiderweb or whatever Spidey shoots from his wrists.

Maybe Myspace should be the Silver Surfer, as it’s a virtual old age pensioner by comparison to some of the new upstarts.

Funny, As one of the most enduring Superheroes, I thought Superman might be mentioned but maybe he’s too traditional to be considered Social Media.

aybe Google is Superman by this standard. Given the constant Google updates of late, maybe it’s more appropriate to cast them as a super villain – the Joker perhaps ?

Who would Pinterest be ? As there are no end of cat pictures on the site and the demographic is mainly women, maybe it should be cat woman. It’s also a pretty sleek and stylish looking site.

Who are your favorite Superheroes and could you compare them to a Social media tool or platform ?

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