Internet Marketing Tips – How To Make Some Dough Online

How to make some dough online

How To Make Some Dough Online - Money, Not Choux Pastry !

Internet marketing is essentially the marketing of products and services over the worldwide web. It is a fairly new field and area of marketing given that the internet has only been around to the general public for about 16 years. Even so, the marketing can still get pretty fierce and competitive.

I have even heard people say that internet years are a bit like dog years, in other words one year in real time is more like 7 years in internet time. It moves fast probably because the entire world can make an impact on the web. Anyhow, here are some internet marketing tips that may be able to help you have some success online. Check them out.

Lets keep it simple. There are three questions you have to answer to be successful at internet marketing, these are :

  • 1.What is my offer?

You are selling a product online. It could be your own product or you could be doing some affiliate marketing and selling someone else’s product. The first things you have to do, just like any real world sales person or product owner is know your product. Know it inside out, know how to sell it. Know what problems it solves. Know it intimately.

  • 2.How do I get leads to this offer? In other words – traffic

And a side affect or add on to this is to know who buys your product. Who is your market ? What problems do they have.

In terms of copywriting, I have even heard people say that you should visualize the person you are selling your product to. Get a specific picture in your mind of what they look like.

Give them a name, fill out all the details about them.

  • How old are they ?
  • What job do the do ?
  • Do they have a wife or husband ?
  • Do they have kids ?
  • What are their hobbies ?
  • What makes them tick ?

When you know your audience, finding them on and off the internet gets easier.

  • 3. How do I convert these leads to sales?

The flow on from the previous question is that if you know your target audience well, finding them (traffic is easier) but also conversion or making the sale is easier too.

Selling on the internet is just the same as selling the good old fashioned way so don’t let fancy words make you lose track of the key skills that you need to succeed. This is plain old selling skills.

After that, we can talk about the more technical aspects of internet marketing. Remember that the internet is just another marketing channel. And it principally involves having a website. Websites are easy to make these days. If you don’t like or relate to the technical side of the internet, you can even get other people to build a website for you at a low rate.

The website is your virtual sales person – your man on the internet so to speak. He sells people your product. Give him the best chance to do this by using various forms of media to present the product. So have written text that explains your product. Have audios and video. Also have a way that he can get details of potential buyers – or leads.

All this is possible with the technology available these days. You can have a great sales person on the internet in no time at all.

These are only few of the Internet marketing tips that you might want to keep in mind. There are still other Internet marketing tips that will help you increase sales and start a business.

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