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Relationship Marketing

Give Someone A Virtual Handshake When You First Meet Them....Heck, Give Them A Big Old Hug !

Okay, I’m not calling you stupid….it’s more of a mantra for myself as I learn more about email marketing and it’s more refined second cousin, relationship marketing. It’s a much quoted cliché that the money is in the list but the qualification that the money isn’t in the list but the relationship you have with the list seems to be getting just as much air time these days.

Relationship marketing is how you treat people, be it on your “list” or in everyday life. The better you treat them the more responsive they are likely to be. That sounds simple enough but people lose their way when they have to make money at the same time. The money making clouds their judgment. Keep it simple by simply treating people how you would like to be treated.

If you have ever watched a youtube video, you may have seen these comment flame wars where people descend into name calling and insulting people in the most inane ways. These “tough guys” are often called keyboard warriors. Behind the keyboard they can take on the world but in life they would probably be as meek as a mouse. They may even be polite, civil or nice to people in real life. I think the same idea should apply to relationship marketing specifically relating to your email list.

The simple question to ask yourself when you send out an email is would I send this to a close friend ? Would I talk this way to a relative ? Do I have their best interests at heart ? Simple things like that.

If you would, then it’s safe to say you are building a genuine relationship with your list.

As an example of this, I would suggest that you tell people what they are in for when they join your list. Be upfront and honest about what people are likely to receive from you in your emails.

And this can even mean saying that you are going to sell to them. You might want to be a bit more subtle about it or highlight that you will suggest things that will help solve the readers problems. Some suggestions will be free, some will be paid, some will be created by you and some will be created by others.

You also want to mention what they will get out of being a member of your list. The “what’s in it for them statement”. In fact you probably want to mention this at the start.

You may also want to say how often they can expect to hear from you.

The first email sets the scene for your new relationship. It ensures that people won’t get disgruntled and complain if you try to offer a paid solution to a problem they may have. And if you stick to the scene you have set out, it will also show that you are reliable and more trustworthy.

Just like real life, people are a little anxious when they meet someone for the first time. If you can state who your are and what they can expect from you, the relationship is likely to develop far more smoothly.

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