Search Engine Optimization – Is Your Business Setting Up Camp On The Foothills Of Krakatoa ?

Search Engine Optimization – Is Your Business Setting Up Camp On The Foothills Of Krakatoa ?

It will happen again !

I was watching a programme on TV the other day about the massive volcano eruptions on Krakatoa in the 19th century. In 1883,  the volcano exploded and is reputedly the loudest sound every heard in modern history. Apparently noise from the explosion was heard in Perth, Australia some 3000 miles away. The explosion and resulting noxious gases and lava killed 36,417 people that lived on the foothills of the volcano and the surrounding islands.

A terrible tragedy no doubt, but the surprising thing that I learned from the TV programme was that these explosions happened all the time. It was not an isolated incident. Minor eruptions happened every few years. And the innards of the mountain would bubble away for a couple of  hundred years and then really let go in one almighty explosion.

So even more surprising was the fact that people continued to live there. What made them want to live with this kind of uncertainty or did they just ignore it. I guess if the big bangs only happened every couple of hundred years a few generations might skip the devastation. Is that a fair gamble ?

In fact, years before the 1883 explosion, people resettled on the islands – why ? Why would you build a house, build a village or community of people in the knowledge that a potentially devastating explosion is just around the corner ?

I couldn’t fathom it but then I thought about my own business that was largely based on getting free traffic to various websites. Isn’t it a bit like Krakatoa ?

There has just been a devastating explosion in the SEO world, known as the Panda and Penguin updates. Many people have been affected by these changes. Some people have gone out of business completely.

This has been fairly well documented and I talked about this in previous posts when it first happened. So I won’t go into the details of the changes or anything like that. This is more a bit of a rant at the people encouraging everyone to start building their villages around the foothills of Krakatoa yet again.

There seem to be more and more offers coming out each day about how to beat the changes. How to crack the Panda or Penguin code and other such nonsense.

If you look at some of these solutions, they don’t look much different to previous products. In fact they are exactly the same with a few tweaks here and there.

Of course they are marketed well to get your attention and to think things will be different this time.

But if you look at them with a bit of perspective, what they are effectively telling you is to set up camp again in the foothills of Krakatoa.

Their pitch has the feeling of certainty and reliability. But it’s all just spin, they don’t know what is going to happen next week let alone next month or next year.

In many cases products have been in development for months so the thinking behind any new product is possibly months behind the contemporary thinking on any such topic anyhow. Meaning most new products coming out now are not current with the Google changes.

Going forward, don’t trust people that tell you they know how to get top ranking for your site – they don’t, it rubbish. They are product sellers. Their prime concern is with selling their products. Your well being and interests are at best a secondary consideration.

The bottom line now is that relying on Google SEO is totally unreliable. If you are trying to build a business and not rank a few websites hear and there, then make sure your traffic comes from any other sources.

Off the top of my head, you should build a list. You should build and affiliate program. You should build relationships with people within your marketplace or niche. Look into social media more.

If your business model doesn’t allow for getting different types of traffic then it’s time to change your business model. That’s what I’m doing anyway. The time for living on the foothills of Krakatoa is over for me….hopefully it’s over for you too.

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