Setup A Blog And Make Money – What Could Be Easier ?

Affiliating yourself with a hosting company is a great way to make money. It’s an essential and recurring service that all webmasters need. Companies like Hostgator give $100 for every new customer an affiliate sends to them. Certainly nothing to be sneezed at.

The customer is probably only paying $8 per month but the hosting company know that, provided their service is good, the customer is likely to stay with them for many years. It’s just too much hassle changing over, a bit like your phone company or internet service provider.

This is definitely the case in my experience. I have been with Hostgator for 4 years now. They offer a competitive deal, are responsive to support requests and are very helpful with any problems I have.

I’ve tried other companies that seemed to offer a great deal but either fell short on the offer or had poor support. I dropped them pretty quickly.

So how do you take advantage of a hosting affiliate program and make a little cash ?

Create A Review Site ?

You could create a review site. A typical site will analyze the top hosting deals and select the best one. They will recommend it to you with a link to the hosting company. Of course that link is an affiliate link and the site will get compensated if you click through and use the hosting company’s service.

But I wouldn’t do this. Given the big financial rewards such a site will bring, getting it to rank in the top 3 positions in Google would be a tough job. And given the Panda/Penguin shenanigans, it could be a futile one too.

A better approach would be to help people first.

I’ve seen this done in two ways so far.

Offer To Help

You could create a free report that talks about setting up a wordpress blog or creating your first website.

You want to aim the report at a complete beginner who doesn’t have a website or hosting. You also probably want to make the report a step by step, tutorial style so that the reader will follow each step to the letter.

One of the steps will be to get hosting and you will drop your affiliate link to the best hosting you know of – probably the one you use yourself.

You might explain why you think it is best to begin with but I wouldn’t go overboard as it will detract from the step by step nature of the report and the speed of implementation for the reader.

To make it more likely that the reader will go with your choice of hosting, you could then go on to write about how to set everything up just right using this hosting company.

Use screen shots to illustrate each step. Setup a dummy website as part of the tutorial so that the screen shots are real.

This will encourage the person to go with your choice because it makes following the rest of the tutorial easier.

You want to provide good value and really help the reader in the report. At the end of the report they should have a fancy new website ready to take on the world thanks to your information.

Give A Website Away For Free

Another way to do this is to offer a free website. You could do this at the top of the report or simply on your blog if you have an internet marketing type blog.

You would have to set out the guidelines that make a person eligible for the free website. For instance, they would have to be a new customer or not have hosting with the company you are recommending.

They would have to click your affiliate link to the hosting company.

They would have to send you their hosting account details and let you have access to the account.

The website would have to be set up using the WordPress Content Management System Platform.

After that, you could make your offer as enticing as was practical.

For instance, if you are getting $100 per customer, work out how much your time is worth and how long it would take to set up the site. If your time was worth $50 per hour, you could allot  2 hours to the task of setting up the site.

The reality is that it would take you 5 minutes to set up a site if you used a tool like wp-twin or wp-manage. There are lots of other tools out there that make setting up a wordpress site very easy. You could even outsource it, if you had a trustworthy outsourcer.

So you could offer to install various plugins to make the site more complete.

You could offer to set up the email address or maybe set the permalink structure up.

It’s really up to you, based on your wordpress skill level and your time.

You could even offer other things that involve more affiliate links or additional services. For instance, you could recommend a premium WordPress theme (via an affiliate link) and then offer to customize it to the person’s needs.

Or you could offer to set up their auto-responder series after recommending a great auto-responder service. Again, depending on your experience and time, your services could be free or a small charge.

It goes without saying that the more enticing the offer is the more likely the person is to take you up on the offer.


What do you think ? Could this work for you ? If not, what don’t you like about it ? Can you spot a flaw in this system ?

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