The Case For Seasonal Niches

The case for seasonal niches like HalloweenWith Halloween not so far away, it seems like a good time to talk about seasonal and event based niches.

What is a seasonal niche ?

Seasonal niches are basically things that people are only interested in during one or maybe 2 seasons of the year. Think snowboards and skies in the lead up to the winter and during the ski season. Think inflatable swimming pools in spring and summer…or BBQ’s.

Moreover, there are event based niches like Halloween, Valentines Day, Mardi Gras, Mother’s Day and Christmas (or the holiday season as it is referred to at times) that are sometimes referred to as seasons.

Apparently $7 billion was spent in the US in the Halloween season last year. $2.5 billion was spent on costumes alone.

And the Christmas shopping season, that is said to start on the Friday after Thanks Giving, known as Black Friday, is the most lucrative time for online and offline business owners.

What is unique about Seasonal niches ?

Seasonal niches are a lot more fun than other traditional niches that you may be advised to go into if you are creating a website. Seasonal niches are more likely to be a hobby niche or specific to a fun event, as mentioned above.

For instance, the culmination of the Halloween season is a big party. What could be better than that. The culmination of the Christmas shopping season is the giving and receiving of gifts. What could be better than that.

Niches dictated by the actual seasons, like say skiing, are also about having fun.

Whereas traditional niches that are usually recommended to go for are problem niches – health, relationships, money. They are serious topics.

You are potentially giving advice about a health issue or telling someone how to meet their potential life partner. It’s not the kind of advice you want to give lightly.

And every website, even the big ones, like WebMd or the Mayoclinic (in the health niche) have a disclaimer on the advice they give.

So creating a seasonal niche website is not quite as serious and the facts don’t have to be watertight. Of course it helps, especially if you are selling something, to have all the facts, but given the topics in seasonal niches, there is more room for creativity.

I don’t mean lying by the way. I’m talking about relating yourself and your experiences to the events and putting more emotion into your writing.

Tell jokes or relate silly things that happened to you or your family one Christmas a bit like that Chevy chase film about Christmas. This content could be easier to write and even enjoyable once you got into the swing of things. Certainly more enjoyable than writing about Crohn’s disease and a lot less responsibility.

Seasonal niches also have a definite end point. This is more the case with things like Halloween or Christmas but even the ski season will end each year. If people are planning a weekend on the slopes and they need to get some new ski gear then they have to get it. They may be able to put the weekend back a couple of times but ultimately it will come to a point where they have missed out and have to wait until next year.

With Halloween, they need to have a costume or stuff for a party before October 31st.  Same for Christmas, if they are buying a present, it has to be in their hot little hands before December 25th.

So seasonal niches, by their definition, have a built in deadline that everyone buying into the event knows about. The pressure to buy something will steadily ramp up as the big day approaches.

So much of the caution that a person might use when buying something normally, is lowered in these times. They have already convinced themselves that they have to get a costume or a present and it’s just a matter of seeing something.

Get Your Own Piece Of A Seasonal Niche

So for the internet marketer/website owner, it’s more about being in the right place at the right time than any ninja marketing tricks.

And being in the right place at the right time is easier than many traditional niches because the competition is less. Right now, I would still try to rank a main website with an exact match domain in the search engines.

I’d also try to build a list from that website. Give away a consumer buying guide on snowboards or how to create the perfect zombie fancy dress party or something that would interest a potential visitor. Drop a few affiliate links into the guide and also follow up the email address with latest specials as the season peaks.

Create some web2.0 properties that link to the main site and have affiliate links in their won right. Also use sites like Facebook and Pinterest to get word out about your website.

I’ve not tested Pinterest much but I imagine that people don’t need much convincing at the nub end of a seasonal niche. They are just looking for something that looks right – a good picture will do all the convincing you need.

Creating a website that takes advantage of a seasonal niche may not be your ticket to financial freedom but it will help you learn the ropes of  internet marketing/affiliate marketing  and make some money at the same time. It’s also fun creating such a site.

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