Using Amazon For Your Article Marketing Ideas – Article Writing Template

Article marketing is about writing content that will attract potential leads to your website. As you can pretty much pick the topic of the article, it means you can really target your leads. Article marketing can be really effective if you know who you are targeting and can solve a problem they have.

To this extent, Amazon can really help you to discover problems and solutions that apply to certain people. They also make a perfect template for an article that you can distribute to article directories or  as a guest blog post. They can also be used on your own site is you so wish.

The basic template is :

Title Template : [List of Products] for [Demographic of Person] or even [Number] [List of Products] for [Demographic of Person].

Examples : Christmas gift ideas for 11 year old girls or 7 Best Selling Action Figures for 11 year old girls   

The title is a list style of title without directly saying that it is a list. It is also an example of a title that offers the reader an intriguing promise.

People can’t resist reading lists on the internet or anywhere else for that matter. A list title explicitly tells them what they will get for the time they spend reading it and may even quantify how much time they have to use. It is making a promise to the reader on what it is going to deliver to them. This establishes some form of trust in the readers mind.

What’s more, this particular title offers an intriguing promise. It qualifies the list by saying that it is for 11 year old girls only.

This is irresistible to people searching for Christmas gifts for 11 year old girls because it speaks to them directly. It answers the exact question they had on their mind. They will open and view it without thinking.

However it is also interesting to 11 year old girls. They want to know if they fit into the group known as 11 year old girls. It may interest girls younger than eleven who want to know if they are old for their age or even what they have to do to act old for their age.

It may be interesting to their Moms and Dads who think that it will give them a better insight into the mind of an 11 year old girl. Or the Grandparents who also want to relate better to their granddaughter.

Indeed, the article is intriguing because it is promising to give an opinion on someone that many people have an interest in or an opinion on, notably an 11 year old girl.

How Amazon Fits Into The System

Amazon list heaps of products from toys to outdoor tools and everything else in between. They also qualify many of these products by a demographic profile of the person that would be interested in the product. By doing this they are effectively writing your article title for you.

Using Amazon For Your Article Marketing Ideas – Article Writing Template

Toys Split by Sex and Age

Better still, they are also giving you inspiration for the content of the article.

And a place to send any visitors of any articles you write.

Taking Things A Bit Further

There is plenty of room to create articles and webpages by copying the way Amazon structures their site but ultimately you have to start doing some original and independent thinking for yourself. You can do this by learning more about demographics.

The five types of demographics in marketing are age, gender, income level, race and ethnicity. You probably want to steer away from race and ethnicity but you do see some examples where this works.

For instance, there are websites on black hairstyles so maybe you could recommend products that are best for this type of hair.

Certain products may appeal to people from one ethnic background than another. For instance, ethnic groups have unique cooking styles and you could sell products unique to this style or that help make this cooking easier.

Above all if you are going to target demographic groups like race or ethnic background, it pays to be in that group of people or at least know it well, so that you truly address the issues and problems that they have without sounding contrived or patronizing. And this applies to all the demographics really. You have to know what motivates the demographic (or the profile if you are using a mix of the demographic groups).

The thinking goes as follows :

  • 1.Find a category of products
  • 2.Find a demographic of people using one or a mix of the 5 types.
  • 3.Establish a link or a reasons why this demographic  group would like the product.

Once you have a link or reasons why the demographic like this range of products, you can speak with authority in articles and on your own webpages. Also when you figure out what connects a group of people to a range of products, you will have more original articles and be more insightful. People will be interested in your articles.

If you struggle to think up the connection between a demographic of people and a product then look at how websites like Amazon do it. Look at the option they give browsers when they enter the website and try to figure out what if any is the connection between the products and the demographic.

Another thing you can do is branch out on the types of demographics. For instance, there are generational cohorts in demographics. These are basically age groups of people that are fit into a classifications. You’ve probably heard of baby boomers, silver nomads or silver surfers. They represent people born after the Second wold war up to the early 60′s. Other generational cohorts are Gen X and the more recent Gen Y.

People identify themselves with these classifications and want to know what their generation is doing or thinking. They have an interest in the subject and will be interested in opinions on it which will attract them to your articles.


This system is an article marketing method. It uses the demographic profiling done by big websites like Amazon to create the title of the article and provide inspiration for the content. At the end of the article you put a link (or links) to the relevant pages on Amazon where the readers can buy these products.

There are 2 ways that you can send a reader to Amazon from your article :

  • Through a redirect
  • via your own website

The redirect method is the quick way to do it but is limited in scope. Making your own website takes more effort but gives you far more control over the articles you write and the products you can promote.

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