Using Technorati To Find Good Sites To Comment On

It’s getting trickier and trickier to promote a website these days. With this said, I still think that commenting on relevant blogs (and even slightly related blogs) is a safe way to build links and get the word out about your blog or website.

Evergreen Link building Method ?

My thinking is that, if you do commenting right, it develops your relationships with other people inside your niche and can side step many of the problems that other link building techniques have.

By commenting right, I mean reading the articles and making insightful comments. In other words engaging in the conversation, demonstrating some knowledge of the topic and getting noticed. You may want to add an image of yourself too, a Gravatar or such like. Becoming a real person in the niche in fact.

This is something that is hard to automate so it won’t have the problems that automated link building methods have. Automated methods eventually get penalized or lose their power because they get over used.

So the first thing that you have to do, using this method is to find relevant blogs to comment on.

Technorati (Go to is a good place to start as it is a directory that lists the top blogs by category. Since all the sites are blogs, there will be some facility to leave comments.

Sidebar : Most have the standard comment box but others use Disqus and other commenting platforms. If you are going to use this method to any degree, you really have to get accounts with Disqus and the like. I also advise you get a photo gravatar that is placed next to any comment you make. A photo increases click through rate on any comment.

If your site is a health related site, let’s say on anti-aging the you want to start with the health subcategory.

Using Technorati to find good sites to comment on
But you also want to think about the general demographic of your website visitor. You also want to comment on sites that your typical visitor might be interested in.

So for instance, a person interested in aging may also be interested in fashion. They have an interest in health so they might also be interested in eating healthy, so the food sub-category may also be an option.

Click on the health sub-category and you will see blogs with the highest technorati authority. Technorati authority is a ranking from 0-1000 (1000 being the most authoritative). Authority seems to be a mix of new content on the blog and links to the blog over a short period of time. They don’t go into the time span but it is within the past 6 months.

So it’s safe to say that high authority sites are getting visitors and are active which make them perfect for leaving a comment or two.

Another thing you will notice when you click a category is the top 10 movers column on the right hand side. Obviously blogs that are moving are good candidates for leaving a comment.

So basically start looking around and noting down blogs that have potential.

Organizing The Information

I like to keep three separate files.

  • One is for on topic blogs – blogs that talk about the same information as the blog I am promoting.
  • The other is blogs that my typical visitor might also be interested in making them eligible for leaving a comment.
  • The third is the urls of any blog that I leave a comment on. When you leave a comment, it is generally in moderation. Record this url and you’ll be able to see if it gets accepted. It also helps you develop a profile of all the links to your site.

If you become a regular commentator on a blog, it helps to get you noticed by the owner which can lead to other opportunities. These could be an opportunity to guest blog or even work with the owner in some way.

I split the on topic blogs from the other ones because on topic blogs are also a great place to do some spying. You can get ideas for content and you can see how they are monetized. It’s a way to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry.

Most of the blogs you will find are quality blogs so you want to leave quality comments. This means reading the article and adding to the article in some way. Do some research based on the article and add a new fact or insight to it.

This will ensure that the comment is accepted but also gives you credibility. With credibility you will be viewed in a better light by the owner and visitors to his/her site. They will also be more inclined to click through to your site.

Try to leave at least one comment a day on a blog. I try to get 1 to 3 comments a day. You could probably do more depending on the age of the site and the niche you are in.

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