What Are The New Trends In Internet Marketing Post Panda And Penguin ?

Trends in internet marketing

Are you sick of being Google's wind up toy Monkey ?

The Panda/Penguin update is a couple of months old now and it seems like the dust is kind of settling. You generally realize this when all sorts of new products start popping up saying things like poke the Penguin, pulverize the Panda and throwaway lines like that.

I even saw a product released that claimed to do everything for you – an automated solution already. It seems the war never ends between Big Brother and the Brotherhood. I was silly enough to click through to the sales page of this product but didn’t have the stomach to read through the sales copy that seemed to stretch off into the distance like a lonely road in the New Mexico desert.

I did, however, notice a comment that seemed to suggest that the product was simply making sure your back links had the right mix of “click here”, “link” and other non specific words in the back links. Is this the new trend post Panda/Penguin ? Another loophole solution to Google’s latest changes ?

I would say no.

So many people are sick of dancing up and down like a wind up toy monkey when Google starts shooting a gun into the ground at their feet every six months. I think there is a definite shift towards a more sustainable and robust business model.

This was highlighted in Trent Dyrsmid’s interesting post.

A business model that will stand up to changes consists of having a product or products and having a customer list to sell those products to.

The average marketer has known this for a long time but has never had the will to make the change. Getting out from behind the computer screen and dealing with real customers is not really the “passive” dream that was promised.

The Google updates have changed this.

So the trend going forward in internet marketing is listing building and product creation. Or more generally, finding customers and working out what they want, making it and then selling it to them.

Having your own customer base can take Google and many other stakeholders in your success out of the equation. For a start, if you have a customer base you can market to them directly. But more importantly, if you know who your customer base is, you will be in a better position to find potential new customers without resorting to one or two lead generation methods (SEO and article marketing for instance).

Even though techniques like content curation and creating authority sites can still have a passive element about it, I think people have been slapped once too often to put all their eggs in the Google basket again.

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