What Have Zombies Got To Do With Internet Marketing ?

What Have Zombies Got To Do With Internet Marketing ?

Night Of The Living Dead

I’m a bit of a sucker for these shlock horror movies – the most recent one I’ve seen is that Piranha movie which was gory but so silly that you couldn’t stop laughing…maybe I’ve got a weird sense of humor ! Other people must have liked it as they’ve made a sequel which they sure as hell ain’t doing for John Carter.

In this vein, I also like zombie movies. Even when they aren’t trying to be funny they sort of make me laugh. I’m talking about the George Romero movies here. The more recent one’s don’t have the same sensibility.

Resident Evil wasn’t that funny. I’m sure there have been other Zombie style movies since then that have taken themselves far too seriously. Although Shaun of the Dead was hilarious !

But anyway, what am I going on about – Zombies ! What the Dickens have zombies got to do with internet marketing ? Well, funny you should ask…..

A very good internet marketer called Steve Scott is running a competition and the prize is a Zombie website. A Zombie website is not a dead website that staggers into a living website trying to feast on it’s brain. No, it’s a website that Steve never got round to setting up and now he wants to give it away.

He had been going on a niche website building binge until the Penguin changes scuppered his plans so he is in the process of getting rid of his sites in fun and wacky ways.

Some of these fun and wacky ways are to flip them, to let them expire naturally or to forget about them and see what happens to them in 6 months.

As the zombie apocalypse site was close to his heart he wanted to be a bit more creative in it’s disposal…hence the competition. Maybe he wanted it to go to a good home…lol !

Go over to his site here to see all the details of the competition and what you get if you win. By the way, this post is effectively an entry to the competition.

I’m moving away from niche websites too but having a Zombie Apocalypse website up an running is just too good to be true ! I can even think of some pretty good ways to monetize such a site….think Halloween costumes which are not too far away.

Other than that, his site shows that the zombie keywords have pretty good Adsense cost per clicks, strangely enough and high monthly searches.

The contest runs out soon so go check it out.

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