What Is A Niche Market ?

Niche this and niche that. You hear the word bandied about all the time but what does it actually mean ? What is a niche market ?

If you have been in internet marketing for any length of time, you’ll have probably heard or read the word niche a lot. I don’t even know why it is used so much..maybe it’s an official marketing term or something.

When I first started, I remember thinking that it must be an important concept to understand. Every man and his dog seemed to use the word and this seemed to give it more importance than it really deserves in my opinion.

Niche Market Explained

A market or mainstream niche is a general classification of a group of products and the people that buy these products.

A niche market is a sub set of this mainstream niche. In other words, a more specific set of products and services and a more specific group of people that want to use these products or services.

The more you can break a market or niche market down, the more specific you can get with the products/services available and the people interested in these products/services.

In marketing terms, the more you know the people that are likely to buy a product or service, the more you can talk to them directly. You can use slang that means something to them, you understand their problems within that particular niche, you know where they hang out and things like that.

If the definition of marketing is making selling redundant, the more you understand the people you are talking to the better you can present product solutions without seeming pushy or using over the top selling strategies.

You become a friend making a recommendation that will improve your friends situation.

It’s not necessary to sell the product to them when you treat them like this. Well, that’s the theory anyway.

So this is the importance of selecting a niche market.

It’s easier to market…and a by-product of this is that there is less competition. Making it easier times 2.

Selecting A Niche Market

The first decision a person has to make when going into internet marketing is what niche market to go into ?

This is often the first stumbling block for most beginners. They really agonize over the decision because they don’t really know what they are doing and this seems like a really big decision that might commit them to something for months or even years.

So sure, it’s a decision that bears some consideration.

But don’t over think it.

When I first started out I decided to go into the learn a foreign language niche. I didn’t even know it was a niche at the time. It was just some topic that I had a familiarity with and thought I could write some content on it.

What it really is, is a niche market of the mainstream market Education. In others words…a group of people and products that service these people who want to learn a foreign language.

You could come up with all sorts of sub niche markets of this one – Learn French as a foreign language, learn Spanish, Learn Swahili…there’s lots of languages out there.

You could even break this down further.

  • School kids that want to Learn French,


  • College kids that want to learn Spanish


  • Retired people that want to learn Spanish because they want to move to Spain,


  • Volunteer Game Park workers being posted to Kenya who want to learn Swahili.

If you are marketing to a school kid or more likely their parents, you would talk to them differently than if you were marketing to retired people thinking about moving abroad.

As you can see there are niches and then niches within them….the trick is finding the sweet spot.

The Niche Market Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is a niche or sub-niche where the rewards more than cover the efforts required to market or sell products/services in it.

For instance, you wouldn’t target the general education market, it’s just too hard and too vague. Where would you start.

Then again, you wouldn’t target niche red haired, mini car owners who want to learn French. It may not be competitive and you may be able to really understand who you were talking to but there probably isn’t enough people to make it worth your while.

Finding the sweet spot in any niche is an art in itself…..or rather a matter of trial and error.

You can do some initial research to find out your niche market exists but ultimately the proof will be in the pudding.

You have to test it in the real world and possibly tweak it to make your marketing efforts pay off. It’s not just a simple formula that you can plug into any given market. And your spider sense of a good niche market comes as you get more marketing experience.

With this said, there are three evergreen markets that you should probably consider

The Thee Main Niche Markets

The three main markets that you might want to start thinking about are

  • Health And Fitness – people want to live a long and full life, this has been the case since the dawn of mankind.


  • Dating And Relationships – people want to love and be loved, they also want to pass their genes onto the next generation, another desire and need that has been with us since the very start.


  • Business And Money – maybe not as primal as the first two but certainly something that has been with us ever since some Sumerian guy bartered a pair of sandals for an earthenware water container.

If you can find a sub-niche within these broader markets and can service or market to the group of people within that sub-niche you can make a living from it.

What do you think makes a good niche market ? Do you struggle finding a niche market, if so why ?

One Response to “What Is A Niche Market ?”

  • Noel Cunningham on June 8, 2012

    Fantastic article Adrian,

    For me picking the right Niche is more than half the battle yet the majority of people disregard this step altogether. They jump in too fast before doing proper research…

    By spending some time in the beginning and picking the Right Niche you will be making a massive difference to the amount of money you will be able to generate.

    - Noel.

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