Who Do You Take Advice From – Sometimes It’s Better To Trust Your Own Judgment ?

Who Do You Take Advice From ?This is a post on a topic that has had me thinking for a while. The question is, who do you take advice from in internet marketing ? Whilst this question will differ for everyone, the more important issue for me is why are you taking this advice.

The truth is that we are always taking advice from people on all sorts of topics. In internet marketing terms, as it’s a somewhat unregulated industry and changing rapidly, the follow the guru mentality is strong.

People don’t want to think for themselves or, more importantly, don’t trust their own judgment. My call in this post is to learn to trust your own judgment more. Give yourself a little more credit as you probably know more than you give yourself credit for and you can never really know the motives or logic behind some of the advice some people give you.

My advice, which I know comes across as highly ironic if not downright hypocritical given the title of the post, is that if you have a basic understanding of something, you are probably in a better position to give yourself advice than someone on the other end of a blog or a course.

Of course this is all relative. The more connection you have to someone the more you can quiz them on why they are giving such advice. If you are following a “guru” you want to have access to him/her on a personal level. This may be more what is described of as a mentor.

Whatever you want to call the person, you want to have a relationship where you can ask why. It may be quicker just to do what you are told but when you understand why, you develop more belief in yourself and ultimately your own judgment.

You want to ask why they advise a course of action. If they are basing this advice on past experience then ask them what led them reaching such a conclusion. In many cases they did something because it fit in with how they worked or their personality. Is that something that would work for you ?

Does your personality suit this strategy ?

Do you want the results that the strategy has achieved ?

And when I say results, I don’t mean the bottom line or the amount of money this person is making.

The more important issues are what are they doing on a day to day basis because the money won’t come until you have mastered the day to day things.

By way of example, this site is a point in case.

When I first decided to start an internet marketing blog, the prevailing advice seemed to be create a blog based on your name.

The pros were that you would become an authority in the niche and your name becomes a bit of a brand. Also, you are crazy not to own your own name online. It gives you scope to develop the topics on the blog because the name is general. And a few other reasons.

The alternative strategy was to use niche specific keywords in the blog name – so internet marketing made easy or such like.

The advantage of this strategy is that the blog is not your personal opinion so content could be outsourced. More importantly, you could sell a blog like this unlike your name blog.

There’s an exit strategy with this approach. The thinking behind it is more strategic than the first example.

This inherently appealed to me…it made sense.

But for some reason I went with the name blog.

I went with the name blog because the people around me….meaning the advice I was taking from online gurus was to get a name blog.

I asked questions like wouldn’t it be hard to sell a name blog but it’s not always easy to get your point across using a comment on a blog or even a personal email. And the replies are often glib or poorly thought out.

They don’t really see where you are coming from with your line of questioning. The people I was talking to may have never heard of flippa or think that they would never be getting out of the industry so the question made no sense to them. I couldn’t tell you as I didn’t have that kind of access to them.

In the end, by weight of numbers, I went with the personal name. I’m still not sure that is the right option for me but I’ll live with it now.

I can see some plus points to it. Internet marketing is a bit like joining the mafia I imagine, once you are in you can never get out. So having your own name online makes sense to some extent. Time will tell on the decision.

The point of the post is that sometimes your own judgment is often better than someone that may be perceived to know better than you. Understand the thinking behind why people are giving you advice and get to the stage where you can trust your own judgment on important decisions.

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