Why People Struggle In Internet Marketing…Again !

Why People Struggle In Internet MarketingI seem to have written about this many times before but when you are doing something for the first time or you simply are not that experienced at doing it, the point of why people struggle really hits home.

I am getting into list building more these days. It’s taken a long, long time for me to finally get round to it but I seem to be really focusing now which is good…I guess. But it brings up all the usual uncertainties and insecurities.

A point in case is that I am developing an auto-responder series. If you know what this is, then you probably know that it is a fine art getting a perfect ar series written. There is so much to consider.

Is the title catchy ?

Is the content engaging ?

Is the message the content delivers right ?

Who are you writing the content for ?

What mix of content and promotion is right ?

Should I send it out once a day/once a week or when ?

….and many more questions.

Some of these questions have entire courses devoted to them.

In short, an auto-responder series requires that you understand copywriting. And copywriting is a craft that people devote their lives to. And even then, it’s takes time and careful consideration. You’ve got to think…a scary concept !

And this causes people to slow down until they grind to a halt.

In my instance, I’ve created the titles for 24 emails that I will be putting in the auto-responder series. I know that they aren’t perfect. In some cases I don’t even like them. But they are the best I can do at this particular time. So I accept them in the knowledge that I am completing the more important goal – getting the ar series down and ready to be read.

When the series is stacked up in aweber, awaiting subscribers, I can refine the writing, including the titles.

But until then, it doesn’t really matter whether I have a lame title, a crappy ps or whatever.

So what’s my point ?

Well there’s two…..

The first is to fight to right battles….or rather knowing when to fight which battle.

Getting the right title for an email is a battle that has to be fought after getting an auto-responder series done. Understanding what is most important and setting priorities that keep you moving is key. Set tasks that are achievable.

This raises the second point.

Nothing is perfect. Everything can be improved and the best way to improve it is on the job. As painful as that might sound, that’s the way it is.

Your email title may suck big time but unless you put it out there, you will never know. You can only learn by doing.

Learning theory can set you on the right path but that’s about it. To keep the battle analogy going…education and theory can give you an idea of the battles you will have to fight and the order. They may also give you a few tips on how to win them.

But ultimately, doing is where you learn what really works.

So you have to accept that you may look foolish at times or that you are doing things that evoke criticism. Get over that and always try to improve on what you have. Lose the ego is one way of putting it I guess. Of course this is hard to do at times, especially when you are trying to come across as authoritative.



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