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How to Get a no Quit Attitude in internet marketingHere is an interview with Jonathan Smith from We cover getting a successful mindset for internet marketing, product creation, list building and heaps more. Do yourself a favor and read through the interview if you want to see more success in your business.

How long have you been in IM ?

I have been working online seriously for about 4 years.

Full time or part time ?

The first 4 years of my business I was online quite a bit so you can consider it full time although I am just now at a point in my business where I fired my boss and began to rely solely on my online income. It was a breath of fresh air to quit my job.

How did you do your IM work when you had a full time job ?

Dedication and the will to succeed. With anything you do whether it is working from home or working a regular job it requires dedication on your part. That dedication will either make you a success or get you a raise.

It was tough and I tried talking myself into quitting many times but I never let myself quit. I have a no quitter attitude with anything I do. I think that is the biggest problem in this industry.

People expect to succeed online within a day or two and when those expectations aren’t satisfied they quit or give up. If you set the right expectations when you begin you will find that it gets easier and easier to succeed…especially online.

How many hours would you put in each night after work ?

At first I was putting up to 4 hours per day in my business but as time went by I was working less and less because I was starting to see a little light at the end of the tunnel. I was hoping to eventually achieve the 4 hour work week but that to this day is not possible in my business.

The more I work the more of a success I am and yes…I mean the more money I make. My success is because of my dedication. I do not work as much anymore but I still put in about 5 hours in a day toward my business.

You must have to be very strict with your time in that case….

Time management is something I struggle with as an Internet marketer. It is something I am always trying to work on. My life has changed for the better and time is my most valuable possession.

- what motivated/motivates you to work this hard ?

Life motivates me, my wife motivates me and my child motivates me. My followers and readers also motivate me. The more people I help the happier I am at the end of the day.

I enjoy life and I plan to enjoy it even more as my business grows. I love the fact that if I want something I can go buy it. If it weren’t for my wife supporting me the whole way in my business I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. She put up with my rants and down times and she fought with me to keep my business going.

- what methods do you use to get things done ?

First of all I have what I call a no quitter attitude. If I set out to do something I am going to do it and with quality. One thing that helps me get things done is setting goals and due dates. If I make myself stick to those dates I know I will get more done making the end result a success.

How do you work differently on your IM business now that you are a full timer ?

I don’t think I really do much different. It has been a weird adjustment for sure but I think everything is still the same. I will say that I blog more and have a lot less stress so that helps me better the quality of my work. I can now focus on my goals and work when I want.

The days are longer and my life seems to be more fulfilling now that I am a full timer. Also the income has spiked. Ever since I fired my boss after a much needed week vacation I have earned almost double what I was earning while employed.

You seem to have your fingers in a few pies…

Yes, I do. I am all over the place.

I operate a web hosting business at,

I run a blog at and I am also an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is probably my top earning venture. I buy media and link them to my affiliate offers earning me a great income.

What business model do you like the best ?

Well, I think delivering value should be the number one priority in any business model. The way I build is by finding a need, creating a solution and delivering that solution with value. That is the best way to look at my business model.

People who read my blog have needs. My blog is the solution and my blog posts are the value. When you are creating anything your goal should always be VALUE!

What business model would you suggest for a newbie just starting out ?

I think a newbie marketer should set out to learn as much as possible. Read the top blogs in the business and follow all of the top players in the business. That is how I started. I was watching what they do and doing it for myself. This was a big factor in my success.

Offering value will take you further than you can imagine. If you create a product…you should over deliver. Add a hidden bonus or something. This will help you win more customers with future products because they know you over deliver. You can do this with services as well.

How do you see your IM business evolving in the next few years ?

I haven’t thought about that yet. I think in 5 years I will still be thriving and doing most of the same things I am doing. It is hard to plan that far ahead because the IM world is changing every day. It literally can change in a minute which is what scared me when I first started.

You mention product creation as a cornerstone of your online money making…

Product creation was my way of growing my list. I would create a beautiful and well put together report or eBook and sell it. These buyers would be placed on my buyers list and would be promoted to later. I go about promoting offers different.

I build a relationship with my subscribers…this is probably one of the best things I have done in my business.

How do you generate ideas for a new product ?

Find a need, create a solution and offer that solution. There is always something that can be done better. You just have to be creative and figure that out. One of my favorite things to do is look at some of the forums I frequent and see what kind of questions people are asking. This here will tell me what people want to know so I create a product based on the most popular questions.

How do you spot or confirm a good product idea over the not so good ideas ? 

This one is tough. You need to make sure you are staying up to date on what is selling and what is not selling. It is important to network and read what others are up to. This will give you an idea of what is hot and what isn’t.

Before I launch any product I share it with a few friends in the business. A couple days later they will tell me their thoughts and I always ask them to be truthful and believe me they are.

I also post my product for review copies. These review I want to be honest as my success depends on these honest reviews. If a negative review is sent to me I will then find out how I can better the product.

What is the best format for the product – written,audio,video or all of them, why ?

In my experience video has been the hottest selling items. I always include a PDF transcript to video products for those who would rather not watch a video for whatever reason.

Also, video sales pages work best…not sure why but they do. I do both just to make sure I am appealing toward the two.

You mention writing epic content quite a bit, could you give more insight into this kind of content….

Epic content is necessary. You want people to love your content. You want people to enjoy your content but most of all you want them to learn something from your content. Epic content is great content that is not found anywhere else on the net and content that benefits the reader in some way.

When writing content I put in my personality and write it as if I was talking. That gets the interest of your readers and grows your subscriber count as result. Being dull and totally professional will bore your readers and lower your subscriber rates.

List building seems to be an important part of your business….

The money is in the list. If you get anything from this interview then this is what you should understand. I can send out an email to my subscribers and turn over about $200 to $500 in a day. That is wild…

If you go about it right you will earn even more. What I mean by that is building a relationship with your subscribers and not just promoting them heavy. Offer value and promote something in your emails.

What list building strategy has given you the best results ?

I wrote an article on my blog about selling the click not the product. My goal in an email is to get the click. I could care less about the product at this stage. I want that click through.

The email has its own job and the landing page has its own job as well. In the email your goal is to get the subscriber to click that link. When they do click it is up to the landing page to convert that click into income.

Separate the two and you will do just fine with email marketing. Sell the click and let the landing page sell the product. That is the best email marketing advice I can give.

How would you build a list fast – say 100 subscribers in a week starting from scratch ?

Creating a product and offering it free would do the trick but those subscribers are not buyers. They are freebie seekers and what I call low value subscribers. I like to create products and sell them in various market places earning a subscriber for each sale. These subscribers are buyers.

A little trick is selling your product but offering 100% commissions to affiliates.

They earn the money while you grow your list of buyers for future products that you will sell to them. The list will continue to grow as well as your income. The list will buy from your link earning you 100% income and your affiliates job is to just grow your list for you.

As your list grows your income does as well. The fact of giving away 100% of your profit to your affiliates may seem stupid and suck but it really does not.

An example: You have a product you are selling for $7. You offer 100% commissions to affiliates. Your product is sold 100 times earning you nothing at all in profit but you have 100 buyers on your email list. Your next product launch is a week away and you sell that product for $7.

You email that list of 100 buyers and let’s say 10% of them purchased from your email. (I am low balling the numbers). That means you earned $70 dollars and your affiliates continued to grow your list another 100 subscribers. You repeat the same process and the next week the same results.

That means $140 in earnings and 300 total subscribers. The next week you get the same results…earning you $210 this time. This process keeps going and your income and list size will keep growing.

How do you organize your lists if you have more than one ?

I have a separate list for each product I offer in case I ever offer an update on that product. I also have separate lists for my freebie seekers and blog subscribers.

Why do you organize them in this way ?

Organization is a key to a successful business.

Do you have any good tips to maximize open rates ?

Headlines are very important. I suggest that anyone wanting to start a list to subscribe to as many newsletters they can from the top players in the business. This will show you how they are in the playing field. Make sure to create a special email just for this or your inbox will be over with.

Another cool trick is using some headlines from Digg and other popular blogs. These headlines that are on the first page of Digg will most always provide you with a great open rate with your list.

The trick is to be creative and attract the attention of your readers. Picture yourself on the receiving end. What would you open?

Do you have any good tips to minimize unsubscribers ?

Offer value and never over promote. Also, don’t take it personal when someone unsubscribes from your list. It is going to happen. Just see it as a bad lead and move on to growing and replacing that bad lead with a good lead.

What are the most important skills to develop in IM in your opinion ?

The top three I would say are Creativity, SEO and Copywriting. These three skills will be your number one needed skills to generate a nice income.

Creativity for generating new ideas to earn traffic, grow your readership or create products.

SEO is important to rank your website earning free traffic from Google and other search engines.

Copywriting will convert your visitors or subscribers to buyers.

How do you stay up to date with current IM techniques ?

Read other blogs and forums. Keep active in the communities of your niche.

What one tip would you give someone that would make them successful in internet marketing ?

A no quitter attitude that drives you to learn and succeed.


Thanks for being so generous with your time and insights into internet marketing Jonathan. I think anyone reading this interview can learn a lot from what you have to say.

Having spoken to Jonathan for the past few days, I truly believe that his attitude is the key to his success. Indeed,  anyone’s attitude is the key to their success.

Most of the things that we do in internet marketing are not that hard but they can take time to learn and you can have setbacks. Having an inner belief in yourself and a no quit attitude can make all the difference.

“Them who have it you’ll find usually conquer most their undertakings for the best in them is drawn out when their spirits put to test”  – That No Quit Attitude By Waddie Mitchell


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