5 Things They Never Told You At Blog School – A Reality Check

5 Things They Never Told You At Blog School – A Reality Check

Keeping A Blog Is Hard Work

Okay, I bet you’ve never been to Blog school but you’ve probably done one or two courses on your blogging journey. No matter what sort of education you have in blogging, I’m pretty sure it won’t have mentioned some of these details. Call it what you will, it’s a bit of a reality check for all aspiring bloggers and even those with a bit of experience.

A Cautionary Tale

The truth is that blogging is a pretty tough gig to pull off. I’ve seen statistics published saying that 85-95% of all blogs don’t last a year. I don’t know how this stat is put together but it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve created blogs that I lost interest in. I’ve read many an article and then clicked the resource box that sends me to a parked domain or nothing. My heart sinks a little bit when this happens.

Other blogs I visit haven’t been updated in 6 months or a couple of years. Sigh….they’ve been cast adrift by their not so long ago proud owner much like Pinocchio or that kid/robot from the movie AI (Same story by the way…even famous writers do a bit of cribbing from time to time). So this brings me onto the first point.

The 5 Things You Were Never Told About Blogging


  • 1.Blogging is a time consuming business.

If you are trying to create an authority blog and present yourself as an authority, it will take you plenty of time. It’ll be a full time job, more or less, with little reward at the beginning. You also have to commit to the cause. If you go into blogging half hearted, you will lose interest and your blog will fade away.

  • 2.Blogging is a great way to increase your ADD

I’m being a bit glib here and I don’t mean to be disrespectful to people that suffer from this condition, but blogging seems to be a myriad a tasks and you are constantly bouncing from one thing to the next.

One instance of this is commenting.

As a way to promote your blog, many people advise that you visit 10 or so blogs a day and leave a comment. I try to do this each day and it’s enough to drive me to distraction…or more accurately, watching baby pandas slide down a slide on youtube !

If you want to leave an insightful comment, you have to read the post, maybe do a bit of research, think about what you want to write and then write it. You may even have to go to wikipedia or youtube or some other blog to confirm a thought you have.

And then you have to do this 10 times. To quote Seal….it’s a little bit crazy.

And that’s just for blog commenting.

5 Things They Never Told You At Blog School – A Reality Check

Cheer Up ! bloggings' not that bad....

If you follow other advice, you should update your blog, your twitter account, your facebook account, your google + account….oh and throw in LinkedIn if you really want to go belt and braces.

Arghhh…stop already.

  • 3.Blogging in it’s own right doesn’t make you money

The day to day work of blogging doesn’t actually make you any money…or rather it won’t be the big earner if you do things right. Most people doing blogging have a back end of products or consult or whatever.

The point is that the blog doesn’t make the money. The blog is the shop window or the Public Relation for your other stuff.

It’s like Kim Kardashian’s reality TV show in relation to all the products that she creates or appearances that she makes as an erstwhile celebrity. The show takes a lot of her and her families time but doesn’t make half as much money as her perfume and fashion lines.

Your blog is like that. So while it can be a time suck, without a back end or some other form of monetization it won’t be making you the kind of money you think you deserve.

  • 4.Get it going, don’t get it right

As already mentioned, there are a lot of things to get right on a blog.

A blog has to evolve so get it up there and let your ugly duckling grow. Your blog is probably going to look like a dogs dinner for the first 6 months (some of these dine for dogs meals look quite appealing these days, especially with the sprig of parsley in the middle…very aesthetically pleasing…but I’m digressing).

Get over that and keep on pushing forward.

  • 5.Hard To Outsource

If you are trying to be authentic on your blog and develop the blog and yourself as an authority in your niche, it’s pretty hard to outsource many of the tasks on your blog, especially the content.

It has to be your thoughts and your voice. You can’t get other people to do that. And writing content is a time consuming process.

Sure there are other things that can be outsourced but it’s still pretty hard to outsource you and your personality.


Blogging is tough gig…don’t be fooled by people telling you otherwise.

So what do you think ? Is blogging a mugs game ? Can you really succeed if you put the work in ?

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