Chelsea Win The Champions League – How’s That For Belief

I thought I would get this out before David Walker writes about it, as is his wont. He loves to draw an internet marketing lesson from the odd football game so I thought I’d beat him to the punch (to mix the metaphors a bit more).

Maybe he’ll write about West Ham anyway as they pipped his beloved Cardiff in the play off semi and have just won the final to get into the promised land of the Premier League. One day, David, one day it’ll happen !  Anyhow, I’ll stop rambling…and get on to the point.

It’s about belief and how you can achieve great things when you have it.

By the way, this post got longer than I thought it would so I’ve split each round up into separate boxes. You can skip the early rounds if you don’t want to read it all or don’t have time. I suggest you read the final and the lessons to be learned from it at the bottom.

First Knock Out Round

Chelsea have had a wretched season by their standards. And it appeared to have reached a new low when they sacked their manager after going 3-1 down to Napoli in the first leg of the knock out round of the Champions league.

All the pundits promptly wrote them off but apparently the players stilled “believed” according to whoever the media interviewed before the match. Most people, including myself, thought they were just talking a good game and they would be bundled out by a good Napoli side.

Surprise, surprise they beat Napoli and that belief was kindled.

Quarter Finals

In the Quarters they beat Benfica in a fairly straightforward affair….they were expected to win. I think they even made it look harder than it should have been.

Semi Finals

But that was it, according to all the pundits and the man in the street (can’t remember his name but he had some pretty strong views) as the next round pitted them against the best team in the world.

They were playing Barcelona, a team that had won everything they had played in. Possibly the best football team ever !

Chelsea scrapped a 1-0 win in the first leg at home.

Not enough to take to the hostile Camp Nou was the general consensus. But some people were muttering things like maybe this could be Chelsea’s year. Stranger things had happened.

And it was a strange, strange game.

Chelsea conceded the first goal. Then they got their captain sent off. Then they conceded a second goal. That was it…all over. Barca would go on a win 4-0 or something.

Then just before half time, Ramires scored a wonder goal to make it 2-1. Chelsea had a foothold but the commentators were still confident that Barca would take control in the second half.

Second half started and Barcelona got a penalty. Up steps Lionel Messi – world player of the year 2 years running. He promptly misses the penalty.

Chelsea hold on until the last few minutes when Torres gets an equalizer as Barca chase the game.  They are through to the final…against Munich in their own backyard.


Surely the end of the road for Chelsea now, especially since 4 of their best players are suspended for the final. Munich are traditionally strong at home and they will have a huge crowd behind them.

Same story, pundits write them off…

But there is a groundswell of opinion that Chelsea’s name is on the cup. Even the word destiny is bandied about.

The final starts with Munich looking threatening. The Munich keeper hardly touches the ball for the first 30 minutes.

Munich have good chances but at half time there is no score 0-0.

The same thing happens in the second half. Munich press, Chelsea “park the bus”. Chelsea have a bit more possession and the game gets a bit more stretched.

Then on 84 minutes, Bayern Munich score. With 6 minutes to go the German team and their fans think it’s the killer blow. They are 6 minutes from claiming the Champions League cup and being crowned the best team in domestic European football.

But somehow, Chelsea rise above it and Didier Drogba scores an equalizing goal with 2 minutes to go. They really are destined to win this thing…everybody is saying it now. They just won’t lie down.

Normal time ends and the game goes to 30 minutes of extra time and then penalties if nobody has won by then.

Minutes into extra time, Drogba commits a foul in the penalty area and it’s a penalty for Munich.

Robben steps up to convert the penalty.

But his shot is saved by Chelsea keeper Cech. Everyone believes (or can’t quite believe it) that Chelsea are going to win. They just don’t quite know how.

The extra time plays out with no more scoring and the game goes to penalties.

Chelsea miss the first and go 3-1 down in the shoot out. Then they come back so that with last penalty kick Drogba can win them the Champions league final. He casually slots the penalty and Chelsea win the most improbable trophy in their history.

Interviewing the players after the game they say they had belief and knew what they had to do and went out and did it.

And this is the important lesson to take if you are new to internet marketing. If you haven’t made any money, which is a measure of success if you are trying to make money online, then you have very little self belief. You may even be skeptical of the people advising you how to do it, either from an information product or personally.

All I can say is that you have to really push to make that first sale, first adsense click or whatever way you have decided to monetize your endeavors.

Once you make the first sale you have proved the concept in your own mind. A lot of the energy that you may have been funneling into doubt can be used  in a more productive way. Stop fretting and start getting things done. The more you get things done the more success you will have.

And I’m not trying to be glib here…you still have a long way to go, but when you really believe in yourself and what you are doing, you can go a long way…just like Chelsea in the Champions league final.

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  • Kevin on May 22, 2012

    Love the analogy, and you’re right, belief can take you a long way. Especially if it is coupled with action and perseverence. You touched on doubt in your post as well… I have yet to make any money online, but I know that I am doing what others have done before me. They’re making money online, so my time is coming.

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