Do You Know Why You Want To Make Money Online ?

Do You Know Why You Want To Make Money Online ?

Think About The Why Before The How

Many people are attracted to making money online but often for the wrong reasons.

Many products and courses that attract people often present the best possible scenario to you, after all they are trying to sell you something. But remember that no matter what they claim, your results are unlikely to be the same as them. It just doesn’t seem to work like that. Look at the bottom of the sales pages and you’ll see something to the effect that results presented are not typical.

The reasons that a product might not work for you may be that it is crap…and there’s a lot of them about. But it may also be because you didn’t give it a proper go – in other words, it’s you and not the product at fault.

In between these polar opposites could be a host of other reasons why the current product you are going through doesn’t appear to be working. Maybe the product is good but the way they teach or explain something doesn’t fit with your learning style. Maybe you learn better watching videos and the product or course is something you have to read.

I could go on and on as to why products don’t deliver but the take way for you is that your adventure in making money online is unlikely to be smooth. You are unlikely to make a success of it by reading one product. You are unlikely to retire on the profits from your first website.

Despite what a product or course says, you are going to have to do your apprenticeship. You will have some ups hopefully but you will also have some downs (and you’ll learn from your downs). You’ll make mistakes and things will fail. And when you experience these downs, you might well question why you got into making money online in the first place.

This is when your reason why will come to hand. Having a strong reason why will keep you going…having a weak one will probably make you decide to do something else or quit.

Learning a second language is a good way to illustrate the power of strong reasons why and how they can motivate a person to push on and through any challenge they may face.

If you are learning Spanish to pass an exam at school, you may try to learn the language but if it doesn’t work out what the hell. You fail the exam…big deal…it doesn’t really matter….when are you going to need to speak Spanish anyway.

Conversely, if you have just met a Spanish speaking girl (or guy) and a relationship is blossoming, you have more incentive to learn and speak the language. You want to speak to your new friend and develop the relationship.

Taking this one step further, you have just landed in a Spanish speaking country and nobody speaks English. Now you have even more incentive to learn the language and even though learning it might be tough, you will push on because you know why you have to learn it.

You can’t talk to anyone and you can’t do regular everyday things if you can’t speak the language. The reason why is staring you in the face from the moment you wake up to the the time your head hits the pillow at night. Your reason why is strong and you are constantly reminded about it.

So when it comes down to it, why do you want to make money online ? And will it sustain you through the low points in your fledgling career ?

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