What Do You Tell People When They Ask You What You Do For A Living ?

What Do You Tell People When They Ask You What You Do For A LivingIf you work in internet marketing full time, you may have had this experience.

You are at a party or some kind of social get together and you are making small talk with someone. They ask you what you do for a living which is a fair question for someone to ask. They are trying to relate to you but when you answer they change the topic or start talking about themselves.

In fact, this is changing with time. When I first started saying I did internet marketing people would go with the blank expression but nowadays more people seem to be aware of working online. Is this a good thing or does it mean more competition !

At my local football club, I was chatting to a guy in my team and what I did cropped up in conversation.

He seemed to know exactly what I was talking about and said one of his mates “did adsense”. Later on I found out that another guy I knew did email marketing in the betting niche. He was quite successful at it too. Another guy ran his own ecommerce sites. And this was at a football (or soccer club).

So not only is the word spreading but people are really working in this internet marketing industry in all its guises.

And when it comes down to it, what you tell people isn’t really that important outside of a few stilted conversations at a BBQ. It’s what you tell yourself that is important. What you do or what you are trying to do can motivate you to push on and see it through.

I’d say that some of the things you tell yourself should include what you are trying to do for your audience online – are you trying to provide value or is your commitment to the niche simply to make a bit of money.

Ultimately providing value to real people will serve them better and this will serve you better. If people think you have their concerns at heart they will reach out to you and tell you what they want to know. This will provide you with more ideas on how to better serve your audience.

Most people need this human response in their work. It makes their work fulfilling in many ways. When you take this to heart, as the saying goes, the money will start to follow you rather than the other way round.

2 Responses to “What Do You Tell People When They Ask You What You Do For A Living ?”

  • Mike From Maine on April 16, 2012

    Hi Adrian,

    I always struggle when trying to explain to people exactly what I do. In the beginning I would try to explain about Google organic search and adsense and ppc…they just don’t understand.

    So now what do I do? I just say that I am a website designer. If they keep asking questions I just try and change the subject :-)

    • admin on April 17, 2012

      Hey Mike,

      Yeah, I agree…I’ve told people countless times what I do and whenever it crops up again it’s as if I’d never told them before. Maybe I make it sound very boring or maybe it is very boring !

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