Why Do People Fail To Make It Online – Part One ?

Why do people fail online ?

You may have setbacks but it doesn't mean you are a failure or have failed.

When I say fail to make it online I am of course speaking about making money online or internet marketing – this article isn’t going to be about poor telcos and bad service providers ! But lets get that out of the way to begin with.

You need a computer and an internet connection to even start in internet marketing. I would say a broadband connection at the very least as you will probably be spending a lot of time on the internet in the next few months.

If you don’t have these two things then you are not going to make it…but you knew that anyway and you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t have these two things.

So lets crack on.

Why do people fail online ?

In a nutshell – Brazil as they’re always harder to crack – there are four things that cause people to fail.

The first is your mindset

Don’t roll your eyes just yet, let me explain…..

You have to believe that you will succeed. Set a goal and work your way towards achieving it. You will have some ups and plenty of downs to begin with. In other words, you will fail but you can’t take this to heart and you can’t let it convince or confirm to you that you are doomed to fail.

You’re better than that….aren’t you ?

Sidebar : The latest brouhaha (I love that word !) in internet marketing is the Big G stomping on loads of blog networks. Blog networks help people get backlinks to their websites. This helps them rank in search engines like Google. And the higher they rank the more visitors they get and potentially more money they make.

This has caused some businesses to go out of …err…business. It has probably caused (or will cause) many websites to lose rankings and thus lose money.

This change has caused plenty of people to “fail”. Plenty of people that are well established internet marketers and have been going at it for a few years or even longer.

The people that take this to heart will fail with their online activities. The people that succeed will see it as a temporary setback that they will get over. They have the inner belief in themselves that they will evolve and come back stronger.

Having an inner belief in yourself is not just for newbies or just a solution to newbie issues, it’s a mindset that you have to develop and use throughout your online career.


You have to do what it takes to achieve your goals, even if you aren’t completely sure what that doing actually means or will entail. I’m not saying do things that are criminal or illegal but spend time working on an internet project that you usually spend watching TV for instance. Make a few sacrifices….get out of  your comfort zone. Go above and beyond. Grow or evolve as a person.

You are on a journey, lets say from the person you are now to the person you want to be at some specific time in the future (a specific time that you have set by the way).

During that journey your fate is undecided.

You can look at the signposts along the way..some of which could be good or bad…and be overly influenced by them. Or you can believe in your heart that you will arrive at your destination some how,  some way.  This is the mindset you have to adopt to succeed online.

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One Response to “Why Do People Fail To Make It Online – Part One ?”

  • Joy on April 13, 2012

    I am still on a very steep learning curve with IM, but agree with what you say, and I would add DLTBGYD!! Which, loosely translated, means don’t let other people talk you out of your goals.

    Family and “friends” may try to sabotage your efforts, knowingly or unintentionally (“Don’t work so hard, come and relax!”). Stay strong to your purpose.

    Set small, short term goals so that you can reward yourself as you achieve minor successes.

    Remember: the only place success comes before work if in the dictionary.

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