7 Things That Your Outsourcer Can Do For You

7 writing tasks for outsourcersIf you want to make real and rapid progress with your online endeavors, you need to start leveraging other people’s time. There is so much to do in an internet marketing business that it’s extremely hard to get any real momentum going if you are doing everything yourself. If other people do stuff that is time consuming or that you hate doing, then your business will be more productive.

So you want to get a full time outsourcer or virtual assistant (VA) at some stage. When you get your first full time VA, it’s safe to say that your business has evolved to the next stage.

In my experience, your first VA will be a writer. Writing is probably the most time consuming aspect of an internet marketing business and it can also be extremely boring so that you grow to hate it in time.

Let me qualify that a bit, you don’t mind writing about things you like or are interested in, but things that you have no interest in or have written about many times before can become a massive chore.

Your first VA will also be a writer as this is a skill that most people have or can learn and is more generalist than a technical skill. In other words, you can always find your VA a writing assignment, but once a WordPress installation or a graphic has been designed, your VA is sat twiddling their thumbs.

So with this in mind, here are 7 things your outsourcer can do for you…and they are all writing based.

Write promotional content

Promotional content is effectively article marketing. This can be written for article directories or as one off guest posts. It could also go on document sharing sites or even web 2.0 sites.

The beauty of giving your VA these sorts of tasks is that they can write the content and then submit it.

If you have written articles for any length of time, you will know that the submission process can often be as long as the writing in some cases.

You would have to tell them how to do the submission process for each one first off (create a step by step document on how to do it) but after that, things will be plain sailing.

So you could say “write 5 articles and submit them to ezinearticles over the next 2 weeks”. You may have to supply a resource box or you could even teach them how to make resources boxes too.

When you think like this, you can be far more strategic in your thinking.

Spin content

Spinning content has taken a bit of a bashing since all the blog networks got dumped, but if you are running an article marketing campaign it still makes sense to spin an article for each directory. Just make sure to spin it well.

If you have bought any of the spinning software (I currently use Spinchimp and used Magic Article Rewriter and  Rapid Rewriter in the past) you generally get two licenses. Give one to your outsourcer and let them do all the spinning. Again, you can let them submit the spun content too if you want.

Write Website content

Your VA can write website content too. You probably have to be more specific about how the content should look and what it should say but this is just part of the teething process that you will go through with any new employee. Give clear and definite instructions and you should be okay.

The Outsourcer can also post the content and add images, if you are using the wordpress blogging platform.

Again, this will save you heaps of time.

Re-write PLR Material

This is something that I am just starting to do.

Again, you will have to specify how to change the original content. But the most important part of PLR is to make it look different from the original. Let the Outsourcer make the first draft changes and then you can touch it up afterward.

Write short reports

Writing a short report should also be an easy task for an outsourcer. The report can be used as a giveaway in exchange for an email address or even a bonus for your own product or as an incentive to buy someone else’s product through your affiliate link.

If they have written any promotional articles, they will certainly be able to write a short report.

Write ebooks

I’ve not done this yet, but certainly other people I know do this. They will send books to their  outsource writers in the Philippines and ask them to go through the books and research the internet. Then write a book similar to the books they have sent them.

Write press releases

Writing press releases have a formula too. Go to PR Web and check out their educational section. Formulate a step by step process to give to your outsourcer. I also use the Pressbot software from Incansoft. This teaches you how to create a press release.

Give the software to your outsourcer (they are always having specials so that you can get the software for $7-10.

Bonus – One extra thing for your Outsourcer to do

I mentioned this previously, but you could get your VA to create a resource box. This can be a time consuming chore too and is easy to teach.

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