What Key Business Process Outsourcing Services Can Be Done In the Philippines

Outsourcing to the philippinesIt may surprise you to learn that over half a million Filipinos are employed in almost 1000 business process outsourcing (BPO) companies in the Philippines. In fact, the BPO industry is currently one of the country’s largest sources of foreign exchange. Estimates of the revenue that this industry has brought to the local economy stands at around $11 billion and this seems to be increasing steadily year on year.

The Philippines ranks first globally in providing business process outsourcing services both in spoken and non spoken services. It’s consistent high quality of services delivered had enabled it to over take India as the leading provider of such services in recent years.

A large part of this success is down to the good work ethic of most Filipinos. They are hard working, efficient and have a genial disposition. For the English speaking world, the fact that the schooling system uses English and that most Filipinos speak the language is a major plus.

It allows the country to take a leading role in the provision of call centers alongside non speaking services and has helped to boost the country’s recognition as the top call center service provider in the globe.

The Philippines is also taking the lead on providing other business process outsourcing services like engineering processes and back office management, on top of the usual customer and technical support services of the call centers.

Industry players can refer to these as KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing. Services that require specialized skills or high levels of education like software development, web development, content writing and development, graphic design, animation, and technical transcription, are some services that fall within the knowledge process outsourcing category.

The abundance of talented and skilled manpower in the Philippines is the country’s edge in excelling in most  fields of the outsourcing industry.

The global outsourcing market remains to be confident in the quality of service provided by the Filipino workers as can be seen in the continuous growth of business process outsourcing services. Key enterprises will no longer be limited to call centers.

The significant growth of the IT sector in the business process outsourcing industry shows its potential to match and exceed the size of the call centers.

Animation and graphic design is another key area in the BPO industry where we can expect growth in the near future. Animators and graphic design artists that are being tapped to develop tablet and smart phone applications would do well by excelling in a field that may soon be a key enterprise in the BPO.

Many of these services are not traditionally used by solopreneurs, small businesses or internet marketers. Having said this, with more emphasis on content like infographics the need for animators and cartoonists could be useful. Indeed, the recent Brad Gosse book was apparently illustrated by a Filipino outsourcer.

Even so, many workers can be found to do traditional tasks that small businesses and internet marketers need, such as content production and simple tasks like posting content on websites and backlinking. The Philippines remains a great place to outsource work, no matter what size your business is.

4 Responses to “What Key Business Process Outsourcing Services Can Be Done In the Philippines”

  • Wow! I never knew that the Philippines were involved in the BPO industry.

    When I thought Business Process Outsourcing before now, my mind just went only to India.

    …if not for the infrastructural challenges, Africa should also be deeply involved in this industry. The skill set is there, but the electricity challenges just makes the cost of any service uncompetitive.

    • admin on July 9, 2012

      Thanks for the comment Yeremi,

      Yes, I’m sure that many African countries could offer this service…and many individuals probably do through third parties like odesk and elance etc.

      The Philippines also seem to have infrastructural problems with bad internet connections, brown outs and bad weather but on the whole it seems to work.

      Maybe that is a opportunity for you…which country in Africa are you based ?

  • clare on July 16, 2012

    Hey :-) Nice post. :-) I’d love to get one permanent member of staff and wouldn’t hesitate to go to the Phillippines for this. As soon as I have built my business up to that level where I can afford someone and have all my processes down, I will do it!

    Do you hire anyone in the Phillippines? :-)

    • admin on July 16, 2012

      Yes, I hire from the Philippines and it’s been pretty good so far.

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