Are You Faking It Till You Make It At Internet Marketing ?

Don't Fake It Till You Make It

Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man...Or An IM Product For That Matter ?

In the Internet marketing and make money online niche, there are many examples of product creators that fake it till they make it or fake it and never make it. Their products make grand claims that can’t be backed up by reality. The products they create are the same old regurgitated information that may have works 5 years ago but probably doesn’t work now, written by someone that hasn’t done what they are writing about.

The product stinks and soon gets found out.

This is part of the reason why the niche has a slightly dodgy reputation and the word scam gets thrown around more often than it should be.

It’s very easy to fall into this trap as an internet marketer because credibility is very persuasive but the reality is that you don’t have to do this and shouldn’t do this. You don’t have to fake it and you never should. Let me explain why.

I was doing my routine of commenting on a few blogs and I noticed a couple of products – information courses – that were quite appealing. Well I say appealing but one was more appealing to me than the other but I could see how the other would appeal to other people.

The product that appealed to me was how to get 100 people on your email list. It was a step by step process of how this guy went about getting that number of people onto his list. As I’m still struggling to get this number on my list it appealed to me. It was a problem I was having and this guy was, as the saying goes, one step ahead of me.

In fact this product was more appealing to me than something that goes on about pushing a few buttons to make 1000s of dollars.

The guy was talking to me and addressing a problem dear to my heart.  He wasn’t faking it, saying that he was making $5000 a month because he had a list of over 100 people.

The other product was how to become a whiz at WordPress. This wasn’t so appealing to me but a few years ago it probably would have been. At that time, that was a problem I had and I needed a solution to it. And I’m pretty sure thousands of people are in the same position now that I was in then. This solution to their problem would just be perfect.

So these two products are deep inside the niche. They aren’t claiming to be a complete internet marketing solution or blueprint if you will. They are just solving one problem.

They have a fresh and unique perspective on the problem – their own. This will give them a credibility that you could never create in some generic product.

So if you are doing the work and solving your own problems in the niche of your choice then you potentially have some knowledge that other people want to hear about. In short, you have a product. You don’t have to make things up. You don’t have to fake it.

If you continue to do the work and solve your own problems, eventually you can put all these solutions together to form your blueprint or a systematic way to achieve some more complex goal. Now you have made it and you can speak with genuine authority on the general topic.

Of course this presupposes that you do the work and solve problems. And that you document your processes and are willing to share them.

Get over thinking you have to be the finished article before you can start providing solutions as long as you are honest with people about the solutions you are solving.

You don’t have to fake anything when you are a genuine problem solver.

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