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Getting Productive With Your Internet Marketing Productivity – Part Two

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This is the next part on my productivity in internet marketing series, see part one here.

Okay, so I have to admit that I didn’t really get the significance of Parkinson’s Law to my personal and internet marketing productivity. However the more that I think about it the more it seems that I was   sort of following the law anyhow. And most people sort of flow the law as it is common sense. It’s about setting deadlines. Here are some of my personal insights on it based on my recent reading.

As I already said, the Law as applied to internet marketing is all about setting deadlines. The actual definition  :

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

is basically implying that without deadlines you won’t get things done.

So what’s the big deal. I’ve always set myself deadlines to some extent and life in general sets us deadlines. Your kids have to be at school by 8.45. You have to pay your electricity bill by a certain date or the TV (amongst other things) won’t work. So what gives ?

Well, my first point would be that by giving the idea of deadlines a special name makes it seem more serious and important than it might already be. It makes you think about it a bit more. Which is always a good thing because we are talking about productivity here. Getting things done quicker.

The second point, that has only really dawned on me recently, is that running an internet marketing business is quite unlike any other kind of “job” you might have.

For a start it is a home based business. So the chances are, at least initially, that it will be you, yourself  and the guy/gal that looks at you in the mirror each day that will be responsible for all the work. Even later on when the business is more mature, you will still have overall responsibility.

You have no boss to tell you what to do, to tell you when to have it done and even to motivate you. That’s your job. As well as actually doing the work. That’s tough. You have to wear two hats -  the worker and the manager.

Following Parkinson’s law helps make this easier.

The takeaway from the law for internet marketers is that you have to split up your work into separate chunks. Then set a deadline for each chunk. Work to that deadline. Hit that deadline.

It gets things done and it irons out all the procrastination that might crop up if you don’t have to hit the deadline.

Make this deadline even more tangible by getting a countdown timer. In fact I have a timer going as I write this article. I’ve given myself 45 minutes to write the article which is a little generous but I’m sure I can improve on that.

The countdown timer I use is Free Countdown Timer. It’s pretty good as it rings an alarm whenever the time is reached. When you physically set yourself 45 minutes to do something, it seems to get done. And your productivity is obviously improved when you can get lots of little and not so little things done each and every day.

Another insight that I feel is important with Parkinson’s Law is that you have to list all the tasks that you need to do and set times that you think are appropriate to do them. The law won’t mean anything to you or have any significance to your productivity unless you do this.

And many people don’t do this because they are either lazy or not used to managing a task or being a manager. This skill set has to be learned if you are not used to doing this in a previous job or are naturally a bit easy going or happy go lucky.  It’s about taking your business seriously and taking responsibility for it’s success.

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