Stop Being An Information Consumer And Start Being An Information Producer

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of consuming too much information when you are trying to get ahead in internet marketing. Even when you are fairly experienced in the field, you can fall into this trap as the industry seems to change so often or at least that’s what the numerous marketing messages will tell you.

In the end, if you want to make any real progress, you have to go on an information diet or at least be more responsible with your information consumption. If you don’t do this you will never have any time to get things done. You’ll also have so many ideas bouncing around in your head that you won’t know how to move forward.

Ultimately you have to make a shift in your thinking to be someone that produces information, rather than just a consumer. And when I say information, in internet marketing terms this could be a product review that you publish on a blog or website. It could be a series of email messages that you send out to a list, it could be an article that you submit to directories, commenting on a forum or anything where you are actively giving rather than passively taking.

Small acts of production will lead to larger acts of production. One article could lead to many articles which can ultimately give you the knowledge, confidence and commitment to create a complete product. But the complete product will never happen without the smaller acts that preceded it.

What does this mean in practical terms ?

Shift your thinking – be the one writing the emails not the one reading them.

Set a goal to write a few articles each day if you are article marketing.

Write one or two solid product reviews if you are affiliate marketing for Amazon or some other ecommerce site.

Make a commitment to be 80% productive each day and use the other 20% how you see fit. In fact the 20% downtime could be a reward if you hit your 80% productivity mark.

If you are going to spend 20% of your time learning something new, try to keep it related to what you are currently doing. If you are looking to outsource your daily work, then learn about other outsourcing techniques or information. Don’t learn about list building one day, article writing the next and then back to outsourcing. This is a recipe for confusion and paralysis. When you are happy with your outsourcing goals then you can move onto something else.

If you were to equate the consumption of information to the consumption of food, being productive is like getting exercise. People that want to lose weight are told to eat a balanced diet and get regular exercise. In information dieting, taking action or being productive is regular exercise.

And to keep the comparison going, eating a balanced diet in information terms is limiting what information you take in. And this doesn’t just mean what you physically read or consume but what you are exposed to.

For instance, a person trying to lose weight doesn’t want candy bars to be lying around all over the house. The same applies to information. Ditch the emails that aren’t on message with what you are doing. You can set up a filter for everything that is not about outsourcing. Then only read those that are relevant. If a certain emailer is providing no value then ditch them too. If all they do is send you promotions to buy stuff then get rid of them.

Outside of your emails, stay focused on the goal you have set for yourself. So if you are on a forum, don’t engage in conversations about ppc advertising or something totally unrelated if you are trying to outsource your business. Avoid products that don’t address the goal you have set yourself.

Being more productive is your regular exercise. Consuming information that is in line with your goals is your balanced diet.

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