What Are Your Plans For 2013….You Do Have A Plan Don’t You ?

Making Plans 2013 go off like fireworks

Start 2013 off with a bang by planning ahead

If you have a IM blog (or even a blog in general), it seems almost obligatory to talk about your plan for the new year around about this time. I do buy into this idea on the whole – you have to set some goals or targets to aim for and that act of writing them down does make you more accountable. It may even make the plans more real too. So if you do internet marketing in any shape or form, have you got any goals and plans set out to achieve these goals?

My Goals

  • My goals this year are to create 2 e-commerce stores. I have a few niches selected and I’m in the process of narrowing it down to two.
  • I also want to create an IM product, which is 75% finished to date.
  • I also want to create a non IM product (a hobby niche). This will be a step by step guide to make something. It will be in pdf and video form I’m thinking at the moment.

I am quite excited about this product as it will be a great starter product and the niche will accommodate plenty of other products in a classic funnel marketing strategy. Provided the first product delivers, I’m pretty sure that people would lap up the follow up products after that.

The starter product would go on Clickbank with a high commission to attract affiliates. Hopefully this would get the sales going and I could do my own promotion too.

  • I also want to start offering services such as article writing and a few other simple services. This may start on Fiverr or one of the other outsourcing marketplaces. I also have a few local people that I’ve written for and done seo/promotional activities for recently.

All up, there are quite a few new skills I will be learning this year. Firstly, setting up an ecommerce store will be an exciting challenge and involve many skills. I have many of them already but some will be new. Ecommerce is really taking off in Australia at the moment so I think there is a bit of opportunity there.

The non IM product I plan to create will involve real video which I haven’t done before so that could be interesting. Setting up the product funnel will also be a new experience.

The general theme of all the goals I have set is to create real businesses. In others words have an offer and promote it or let other people promote it. It’s really simple in theory but of course a lot has to be done behind the scenes to make it happen.

Over the coming few days, I will flesh out the plans so that I know what I’m doing for the next 3-6 months. I will break the months into weeks and the weeks into days so that I know what I’m doping each day and can stay busy doing things that are important. Towards the end of this year I kind of let the planning slip and found that I wasn’t very productive. I hope to change that this year and it all starts with knowing what you have to do and when you have to do it.

So it’s off to the planning room for me (well, virtual planning room anyway).

photo : Rob Chandler

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