What Would You Do With 5 GB Of Free Space ?

Get free space on the cloudHave you heard of Dropbox ? Or maybe Mozy, SugarSync or plain old Box ? Well, if you haven’t , it’s about time you did.

All of these services are places where you can store your “virtual stuff”. They are online storage sites somewhere off in the cloud or is that clouds.

If you take your internet marketing business seriously, you should backup as much of the important stuff as you can.

First off, get yourself an external hard drive. You can get a 1 terabyte drive for $100 these days. This should be able to store a lot of stuff but to be on the safe side, you should also have an off site backup location.

This is where the services mentioned above come in and as you will find, they can be used for much more too.

The nice thing about these services, especially if you are strapped for cash, is that they all offer a free, no strings attached version of their service.

I think this is done as the concept is a bit new so they want to sell it to folks. And free lowers the barrier of entry of course.

They will obviously encourage you to take on a bigger, paid plan by sending out enticing emails, special offers and the like but you can also get more free space by inviting friends to join the service.

Using A Cloud Online Storage Service

All of these services work the same way, you download an application that allows their services to connect to your website via the internet. Then, whenever you log on to their service, the application fires up and allows you to either upload or download stuff.

Apart from being a storage place for your important data, you can also connect various computers to the central storage location on the service. In other words, more than one computer can access the services servers.

This is great for sending stuff to other people – friends, virtual assistants, joint venture partners. I use it to send big files that can’t be sent via email to my virtual assistants.

I read that dropbox was actually just an interface system but the servers behind the scenes were actually Amazons3. Amazons3 are supposed to be hard to work with and Dropbox have just devised a more elegant interface and charge people to use it.

With this said, even the dropbox interface can be clunky at times.

  • SugarSync and Box offer 5 GB as part of their free service.
  • Dropbox and Mozy start you off with 2 GB to begin with.

Other services are popping up all the time and offer the industry standard free option to begin with.

Here are a few others that you might want to try :

And if you really need a lot of extra spaces, there is nothing stopping you from joining all the services.

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