You’ve Heard About Speed Reading, How About Speed Watching ?

youve heard about speed reading how about speed watchingNo doubt you’ve heard about speed reading. Maybe, like me, you’ve even read a few books on how to do it too.

I picked up a few tips and I guess I can read faster now but I don’t really like it to be honest. Maybe my brain doesn’t work fast enough to take in the meaning of the words but I find I have to slow down all the time. It’s hard work speed reading but it is actually a lot easier to speed watch.

First a little background.

If you buy many information products you will have noticed that far more of them are produced as video these days. They are okay and many people like to consume information in this format but it takes forever to watch a whole course of 8 to 10 hours.

You could probably read the same content if it was written in half the time. I got to the stage where  I hated sitting through a 45 minute or longer videos. I would start doing all sorts of other things at the same time like checking email, playing solitaire, checking stats and all the rest.

It wasn’t good….so I started speed watching

I downloaded the VLC Media player which is a free, open source multi-media player.

It plays all sorts of media files from mp4 through to mp3 file types.

The best thing about the player is that you can adjust the speed very easily.

This can be done as it plays so that you can speed it up if the content is simple or easy to understand.

You can slow it down if the content gets trickier.

I find you can listen to most things at 2 times the speed and it’s quite easy. My best is 3.5 times but it starts to get pretty hard at that speed. It depends on the person talking – some people speak slowly and you can get up to 3 times speed after tuning into the speaking for a while. Other people speak fast and even 2 times is a bit much at times.

Even so, a 30 minute video will take you 15 minutes and this can help you whip through course pretty quickly.

So this can make you far more productive when consuming information.

Most video courses have zip files that you can download to your computer but if they don’t I use the  web video downloader from This is a free Firefox add on that detects when you play a video. It gives you the option to download the video instead of watching or at the same time as watching. It also works well for youtube videos.

Another good free Firefox add on for downloading youtube videos is downloadhelper -

So get more productive by indulging in a bit of speed watching.

What do you do to make you more productive ?

One Response to “You’ve Heard About Speed Reading, How About Speed Watching ?”

  • Kevin on June 10, 2012

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates it when a product is a video. I can go through a written product in less than an hour. I can’t go through a 20 hour course that quick. I’ve also found that most of the 20 hour courses that I’ve seen only have about 1 hr of content. I might have to try your idea when I have to watch my next video course.

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