AffiloBlueprint Review – Learn Affiliate Marketing From A True Internet Marketing Veteran

affiloblueprint reviewThere are plenty of success blueprints floating around in the internet space that claim to be the only thing you will need to crack the make money online code. However, in this AffiloBlueprint review, you’ll learn how only a few folks are genuinely qualified to write this kind of course. Mark Ling is one of the few guys that can truly speak with authority on the subject. Let me explain a bit more….

What Is AffiloBlueprint

AffiloBlueprint is a course that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing. I would say that it concentrates on affiliating and selling digital download products like ebooks, software and audio as opposed to physical products or CPA offers. With this said, there is nothing to stop you applying the strategies and techniques shown in the course to promote physical products, it just happens that Mark has focused on digital products.

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Note: I believe there is more emphasis on physical products and CPA offers in the recent update of the course.

I guess part of the reason that the course focuses on digital products is because Mark Ling has had most of his success in that area of affiliate marketing.

He has made a small fortune affiliating to language courses, dog training guides, self help books on medical problems and a whole range of other niches. He went on to make his own products in many of these niches and now has affiliates working for him.

He now makes a substantial amount of money as an affiliate marketer and as a product owner. So unlike many people that put out course that teach internet marketing or affiliate marketing, Mark Ling has really done what he teaches and continues to do what he teaches from what I have read.

Unlike many IM gurus, he has actually used his own strategies and can thus offer proof that they work. That makes the course instantly more trustworthy and valuable. In fact, Mark used the course in its initial month of release to create a site in front of an audience. That site went on to generate $500 in profit right away, showing that his strategies worked.

The course itself, however, is written not just for IM veterans like Mark, but for every day folks with little to no knowledge of the internet marketing field but are interested in getting online and making some money. Let’s take this AffiloBlueprint review a little deeper and look at what the product offers.

The Breakdown

affiloblueprint contentsMark Ling uses a workshop style teaching technique. In other words, he records the entire process of making a successful website so that students can watch as if looking over his shoulder as he goes about this and that. They can see how he does things and then copy him.

Mark decided to present the course as a week by week “look over his shoulder” style with specific strategies and topics in each week designed to help you make your new site. It doesn’t take a college degree or thousands of dollars to figure out. It just takes some time once a week to read the steps and follow along. Topics include:

  •  Market Research


  •  Content Creation


  •  Website Development


  •  Website Design


  •  SEO


  •  Link Building


  •  Newsletters


  •  Squidoo, Twitter and Social Media


  •  Web Tweaking and Analysis


  •  Pay Per Click Advertising (three weeks of strategies)

Rather than focusing on just one traffic generation method, Mark hits up PPC, SEO, and social media as traffic generators – all of them used in tandem to maximize exposure. There are a lot of products out there that help marketers build a site and get started online, but they skip over too much or try to tell them “their own secret way” to success. AffiloBlueprint covers everything together, making sure you have a complete, yet organized picture of Internet Marketing.

Another important aspect of the teaching, especially since the latest round of Google changes has made getting SEO traffic problematic, is how to build a list and how to nurture that list.

For me this is an essential part of any website these days. It takes your reliance on other factors that are out of your control away. It helps you build a long term asset rather than something that can here here today and gone tomorrow. Nobody want to see their efforts flushed down the drain so list building is vital.

Part of the list building and nurturing includes creating a free ethical bribe – a downloadable ebook for instance.

Mark also goes through a typical autoresponder series that he might use to deliver value to subscribers but also sell to them. He works on a 7 or 14 day series. Each email doesn’t have to be delivered each day but when you see the series as a unit trying to achieve one aim, it makes it easier to tie all the emails together.

He points out that you need to get a year of autoresponder messages up and running to have your website running on virtual autopilot. This will obviously take some time and you will have to build it up as you go.

What You Get In The Course

The website that is developed in the course is done in xSitepro (a paid website creation tool). Many people have complained that this forces you to buy the software to do the course.

This isn’t the case.

No one likes to be told they need something else once they’ve bought the main product. But, with freebies like Paint.NET and NVU, you don’t need to buy anything in reality – as long as you have something on hand to help you get that site put together.

More importantly there is a supplied WordPress theme, called Affilotheme, that is specifically designed  to help you make a site just like the one in the course. They have put a lot of thought into this theme to make it easy for people new to internet marketing and even the content management system WordPress.

For instance, they have all the plugins (pieces of code that give your site added or customized functionality) pre-installed so that you can get the site up quickly.

There is also a squeezepage generator page that comes as part of the theme. This makes it easy to offer a giveaway to build a list or ultimately use as a sales page should you create your own product.

As part of your purchase, you also get free hosting for a year. This allows for hosting of 5 separate websites so you have a bit of room to move. Hosting might cost  you $70 to $100 a year so this is a genuine saving.

Of course if you have any experience in internet marketing, you probably already have hosting so this might not be such a good deal. But for newbies, it’s a great way to limit your start up costs.

And also remember after a year they will charge you a monthly rate to keep the hosting going but hopefully you will be making money that can pay for the hosting and much more by the end of the free year.


As any good AffiloBlueprint review will tell you – Mark is a great marketer and has been extremely successful using these strategies. He also happens to be a great teacher and has created a course that hits on every single strategy you need to go from beginner to pro in no time.

If you’re already a veteran of IM, the meat in this product may be a little lean for you, but if you’re a newbie or even an intermediate marketer, this product can really move you forward.

I’d definitely recommend the course if you are new to IM and want to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

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