Consumer Wealth System Review – Yes, You Can Promote Physical Products And Make Money

Consumer Wealth system ReviewOver the past couple of years there seems to be a marked increase in the number of affiliate marketing courses that teach people how to promote physical products. The Consumer Wealth System is a point in case. This Consumer Wealth System review will take you through exactly what you can expect from this course and who it is best suited too. Hopefully this will help you make a more informed decision should you decide to purchase the product.

Motivation Behind The Consumer Wealth System

The creators of the Consumer Wealth System are Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsay of PLRPRO fame. If you haven’t heard of PLRPRO, it is a membership site that delivers private label rights articles on all sorts of topics to it’s members. It’s been going for around 5 years I believe.

Their motivation behind creating the Consumer Wealth System is to make internet marketing, specifically affiliate marketing, more accessible to people new to the industry.

This is mainly why they concentrate on promoting physical products rather than ebooks or digital products. The thinking behind this is that there is so much choice with physical products that anyone, new or otherwise to internet marketing, can find a product that doesn’t have much competition.

When there is less competition it is easier to rank in the search engines and thus get more traffic. It is also more likely to convert which means sales and money.

I think one of the main factors that holds a lot of new people back with IM is belief. They don’t think what they are doing will work or are skeptical of the material they are using. So they lack self-belief or belief in their current training (and consequently start looking for more training). Seeing your first sale or sales gives you the self belief that you need. And this can push you onto even bigger and better things.

So the Consumer Wealth System is aimed at newbies to internet marketing or anyone that hasn’t really made much money online. It is designed to make it easier to succeed online and to give you belief in yourself that it is actually possible to make money online.

So What Do You Get With The Consumer Wealth System ?

Consumer wealth system Core trainingPurchasing the Consumer Wealth System course give you access to the 9 Core Chapters.

The core chapters consist of  :

  • 1  Preparation

Preparation is basically an introduction to the system and setting some ground rules for people using the system.

So it takes you through what you can actually achieve using the system (from the number of websites you can or should create and the monetary gains that can be achieved).

It also talks about what you have to put in to get something out of the system. This is not a push button system. You have to work at it if you want it to work…simple as that.

It also covers the mindset you should adopt. This chapter primes you for the material that follows.

  • 2  Selecting a market

For folks new to internet marketing, this is often the first stumbling block. There is so much to choose from and so much doubt that people will procrastinate or get market selection block (a close relative to writers block).

This chapter gives specific numbers in terms of competition, searches per month and other factors that make up a good consumer wealth system market.

It shows you examples of a good market to go for and a bad market to avoid. This gives you some direct experience looking “over the shoulder” as Daniel selects markets. This should give you confidence that you can find a market for yourself.

  • 3  Selecting a domain

This is a pretty straight forward chapter. It talks about finding and getting a domain name. It uses some websites to make the task easier for you.

It seems to go against the conventional wisdom of picking a  keyword domain name but only because these are getting hard to find. If you can find one all the better but don’t agonize over getting the exact domain name and thus get bogged down. Keep on moving forward.

  • 4  Setting up hosting

This takes you through what hosting is and then gets down to the nitty-gritty of setting up a website on your hosting account. I say setting up but it actually only covers setting up the domain name and redirecting the Domain Name Servers to the hosting account. Setting up the site comes in the next chapter.

  • 5  Setting up your site

Setting up your site consists of showing you how to set up a wordpress site. The Consumer Wealth system only focuses on wordpress sites (this goes for their Affiliate Siphon automated system too).

It gives you 3 alternatives to setting up your site – do it yourself, use software to do it automatically or outsource it.

The rest of the chapter takes you through doing it yourself. This means using fantastico to set up a wordpress site. Fantastico is available from most hosting providers. If you don’t go with the recommended hosting account then check before hand with your provider that they have fantastico.

  • 6  Configuring your site

This talks about how to change the basic wordpress site into something that looks good and even unique. It basically shows you how to select a theme and the must have plugins for your wordpress site.

It then goes on to show you how to install the theme and the must have plugins. It explains what the plugins do and why the ones recommended are needed.

Once you have completed this chapter, your site is ready to go. It will be optimized for the search engines and look good for human visitors. Now is time to add content to the site.

  • 7  Researching your product

One of the key ideas behind the consumer wealth system is to promote products hard. The bulk of all your content will be various products within the market you have selected. So if you decided to go into the lawn mower market, your site would be a series of reviews of the best lawn mowers. You can add generic content to fill out the site but the reviews of products is the most important content on the site as it will make you money.

This chapter shows you how to select the products to review. This includes the number of searches and the competition for the products. It also covers finding an affiliate program for the products you select, including how to apply to the affiliate program.

It also shows you how to structure the content on the site using categories.

  • 8  Writing your product review

This is a very important part of the course. It gives you a 15 minute crash course in copywriting. Copywriting is basically influencing or persuading someone with the written word to take action. In this case, it is to click the link on the site that takes the person to the site where they can buy the product.

The chapter starts by explaining what state the person likely to rad your review is in. They are almost ready to buy so they know a little about the product (or even a lot).

So they don’t need to know everything about the product. They may be looking for some new insights into the product and a reputable place to buy the product. So this structures how you write the review.

You include the benefits of the product and the benefits of buying the product at the site that you are affiliated to. You also need to include a compelling headline. The review also discusses putting in keywords for the search engines too.

  • 9  Promoting your product review

This discusses how to get your reviews noticed on the web. It concentrates on organic search through the search engines, principally Google. It talks about Search Engine Optimization in fact.

This basically involves getting links to your site. So this chapter focuses on how to get links to your site.

It starts by talking about anchor text as a way to rank your website pages. The anchor text should be the keywords that you want the page to rank for. It stresses that ranking is about pages on your website not the website as a whole.

All the chapters come in a number of formats so that you can watch or listen to the course on a number of devices, including your computer, ipod or mp3 player. You can even download the chapters so that you don’t eat into your internet usage each time you want to watch a chapter.

content formatsSome points to note : Two other services that are mentioned quite a bit in the CWS chapters are Affiliate Siphon and Article Marketing Automation. These are monthly paid services that are offered by PlrPro. I believe Affiliate Siphon is offered as an upsell when you buy the Consumer Wealth system course.

Affiliate Siphon is a way to install your wordpress sites quickly (the theme and plugins in one go) but once you have installed a wordpress site once or twice this is quite easy. In short, Affiliate siphon is not necessary. It may save you a bit of time but you don’t really need it.

Article Marketing Automation (AMA) is a blog network that allows you to send articles to thousands of different blogs. Since the recent crackdown on blog networks I think they have stopped taking members for AMA. So even though they might suggest this as a backlinking strategy in the course, it’s not really the way to go these days.

Get a more diverse profile of links from directories, article marketing, social media and even forums.

Above all, you don’t need either Affiliate siphon or Article Marketing Automation. They simply speed up the process of making and promoting your websites. When you are making money with your websites then use the money to invest in productivity tool like these. This is a smart move and is re-investing in your business.

Consumer Wealth System Bonuses

You are given bonuses too when you get the course. These include :

  • Live Training Webinar Recordings

There are 3 sessions. Each session is over an 1.5  long. The idea behind the live training is to show you in real time how to set up a CWS site.

The first session is Research.
The second session is Setting up the site.
The third is promoting the site.

I think the aim of this is to motivate you to take action. It is a case study that you can follow rather than theory that might give you a reason to not take action.

  • WordPress Tutorials

Wordpress TutorialsThere are 4 tutorials on setting up a wordpress site. Some of this is covered in the CWS core chapters but these tutorials go into more depth on each topic.

Things covered are installing wordpress on your hosting, adding and installing themes and plugins and writing and posting content to the site.

  • Rank Assassin 2.0 Module Webinar

This is a webinar that Daniel Turner conducted that shows how he gets his websites to rank. It’s good stuff. I believe this has been updated to reflect the changes to Google since the recent Panda and Penguin updates.

  • 100 Product Reviews

Strangely enough, many of these reviews are for clickbank products. I haven’t used them but if you do use them, make sure that you change them a lot as they are bound to already be on the internet by now.

  • CWS Templates

CWS TemplatesThese are excel spreadsheets that help you to stay organized. You can record the names and dates of the websites and the promotion schedule for each website. It may be easy to stay on track when you have one website but when you have 10 or more it can get very confusing and stressful. Staying organized is vital if you want to move forward with internet marketing. These spreadsheets can help you with this.

Consumer Wealth System Review Summary

This is a good course at a great price. I recommend it for anyone that wants to make affiliate sites that promote physical products. It is great for newbies and even people that are not happy with the amount of money they are making on the internet.

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