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Craig Tuttle Social Media Suite Review

Craig uses Screenshots and Text to make it easier for you to take action.

Craig’s products remind me a bit of Kevin Riley’s step by step how to do information products.

Kevin Riley is an extremely successful infoproduct creator. His style involves solving a problem by breaking it down into each step.

He then goes through each step in detail using a combination of written words and screenshots with numbered arrows pointing to the various action steps on the screen shot.

By following the written words and the numbered arrows in ascending order, you effectively do or solve the problem for yourself. In other words, you do it !

I quite like this style.

The big problem with info products is that most people never actually do what is presented in them.

Strangely enough, many people will buy a product and not even read it. Most others may read it or skim it but never formulate a plan that lets them act on the information. I’ve certainly done that before.

So this Kevin Riley style product is a great way to get more people to act on the information they “consume”.

Craig Tuttle’s products are very much like this. Step by step with screen shots and arrows telling you what to do on each screen.

I think this is a good style and helps you to get more out of the information.

The product is about using social media to market your products or services. The social media covered is Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. There is also a bonus guide on how to build a list.

Each one is a separate guide. And they are themed as the soup to nuts guide for each one, meaning that nothing is left out.

To some extent this is true but they aren’t really “ninja” tactics or some “secret loophole”. The information presented is the basics of setting yourself up on each website and some marketing tips on how to use them.

I would say that they are aimed at newbies or people that know a bit about the websites but have never really gotten round to doing anything about them. If you are in this boat then you will get some use from Craig’s product. If you are looking for another dimension or something no one else is doing, you will be disappointed by this product.


Tuttle Youtube

In the Youtube guide you get :

  • goes through reasons for using youtube
  • setting up your channel
  • creating and posting a video
  • simple marketing tips

The youtube ebook is 24 pages long.

Facebook SoupFacebook

In the facebook guide you get :

  • Separating your personal and business in facebook
  • setting up a fanpage
  • how to use and what to do on your fanpage
  • Facebook lists – splitting your friends into subsets based on who they are
  • Facebook groups – what they are
  • Facebook groups – how to join a group to market
  • Facebook groups – starting your own group which is a better way to market but more time consuming
  • Facebook Graph Search – explains what it is and how to use it
  • Facebook advertizing – goes through the basics of setting up your account, creating an ad and how to get the ad cost down.

There is a good section at the end about knowing your numbers so that you know if advertizing is working for you or what you have to adjust to make it work better.

The Facebook ebook is 35 pages long.

Tuttle TwitterTwitter

The Twitter guide covers what Twitter is and why you want to use it for marketing.

It then goes through setting up a Twitter account and using Twellow to follow people and get more followers yourself.

He then goes onto more Twitter marketing ideas. He starts out by saying don’t spam and advocates building relationships with people on Twitter – quite a radical concept !

He covers following hashtag trends to join a conversation. This will ensure he get noticed by other people in your niche and they may start following you.

He also covers the Twitter search function to find people in your niche. Again, you can then start a conversation with them that ultimately leads to them following you.

Finally, he covers Twitter advertizing. This is something I have never done so it was quite interesting.  It’s actually very simple to do. Advertizing lets you put a tweet in front of people that are using the Twitter search function. It’s the same idea as how Google position paid ads on their search results pages, except it’s on the Twitter page.

The Twitter ebook is 32 pages long


As I mentioned at the top, this is hype free suite of guides set out in an easy to follow way. It comprehensively covers the basics of using these 3 platforms/websites rather than secret this or special sauce that. It’s ideally suited for people wanting to get into using these platforms/websites for the first time. Or people that know a little bit about them but have never had time to do anything concrete about using them.

The guides will get you out of the gate and give you a few intermediate/advanced tips. I think his philosophy to marketing also shines through in these guides, namely that there is no secret sauce but just good old fashioned building relationships with people, finding out their problems and then trying to solve them with your solution.

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