Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Review – Part 2

Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Review and BonusEasy Paycheck Formula 2 Review – Part 2

Read Easy Paycheck Review Part 1 here

When you have your Squidoo lens set up, it’s time to get the word out about it. The next chapters in the course concentrate on spreading the word using free sources.

Chapter 4 – Traffic From Blogs and Forums

Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Review – Part 2

How The Easy Paycheck Formula 2 models works

This is the unique part of the course in my opinion. This is what you really want to learn and do well if you want to see success.

As the name of the chapter says, it’s about using blogs and forums to get visitors to your site.

This is an important distinction.

Blog and forum commenting in the past was all about getting backlinks. You would effectively try to drop as many links on places that would let you or didn’t check what you were posting in the hope that this would improve your websites ranking in Google.

Don’t do this, says Sara.

You need to be concentrating on blogs and forums that will send real visitors to your site. And by implication, the content that you put on these blogs and forums needs to help these people (or promise that help can be found on your website).

She finds these blogs and forums in two ways, and she’s given them special names !

Virtual Google Ranking – find sites that are ranking in Google and comment on them with the hope that readers will click on the link to your site in the comment.

High Traffic Syphon – This is similar to the first method, except that you use the Alexa ranking of a page or website to determine how much traffic is going to it. So the ranking in Google isn’t important, rather the traffic coming to it is.

Both these methods rely on you making good comments and not appearing too promotional. Even then, some blog and forum owners will delete them or never even see them as they are drowning in comments as it is.

The key to getting this system working is to write good comments and not get too disheartened if your comment isn’t published.

Sara doesn’t actually go into what makes a blog comment successful. This is something you will have to figure out yourself. Ultimately, it’s about helping people as much as possible and suggesting that there is more help to be found by following the link. This is a fine balancing act that can only be learned by doing and persevering with the method.

You will also have more success in getting your comments published if you become trusted by the blog owner. So you might want to think about being helpful in the first few comments you leave and gradually build up to linking back to your site.

The Next 2 chapters focus on ranking your site in the search engines. You might think this is strange as the unique aspect of this course is that you don’t rely on Google for your traffic but ultimately it’s something you need to consider.

If you are getting steady traffic from forums and blogs then you may have more time to think about ranking the site. You do this with links that point to your site.

The number and quality of links to a site determines how it ranks in the various search engines. It’s not particularly hard to get these links but it will take time for the cumulative effects to push your site up the rankings. So it’s a longer term strategy as opposed to commenting on blogs and forums that can deliver instant traffic.

Chapter 5 – Traffic From Google – Internal links

Internal links are links that point a webpage from the same website. So if you have a review webpage, twenty articles webpages that link back to the review would count as 20 links to that webpage.

In the case of this course, the entire Squidoo platform is “your website”. So you can get links from all sorts of other lends pointing to your lens, thus giving your lens more backlinks.

Sara covers Squidoo forum commenting, Lens commenting and Lens interlinking.

She also covers how to set up your Squidoo lens so that it can naturally get more links within the Squidoo platform.

Chapter 6 – Traffic from Google – External Links

You should also try to get links from other websites – the more links the better and the more diverse your link profile is the better.

Sara recommends using Social bookmarking to get links.

She shows you how to do this on some of the bigger sites like Digg and Stumbleupon.

She also listed around 20-30 other social bookmarking sites where you can add links to your site.

After social bookmarking, she also recommends web 2.0 sites (like Squidoo)

She shows you how to set up a blogger blog that can link to your Squidoo lens.

She also lists 50 other web 2.0 sites that you can add content too. As you can see, it’s easy to get these links but quite a lot of effort to actually create content for all these sites.

This is why she also talks about using Fiverr to get other people to create links for you.

This would be considered as unacceptable to Google (but then any linkbuilding is considered unacceptable to them) so you should go easy on using other people to build links. For instance, getting a person to send 5000 links to your site will get it flagged in Google and they will drop it from their search engine results page.
So there is a bit of risk involved in using these options but you will save a lot of time and effort.

Sara explains how you should and shouldn’t use Fiverr so that your site remains safe. She also suggests the type of “gigs” (Fiverr speak for $5 job) you should get.

And that the end of the course.


A bonus to the main product is a pdf book called the quickstart guide. As the name suggests, this gets you started if you are itching to get some internet real estate up and ready for visitors. This book is 14 pages long and has similar chapters to the main book. Basically, each chapter takes the action points from the main book and puts them down in a step by step way. It’s kind of like a cliffs notes type book, you could say.

Another bonus is videos of the various tools Sara uses to research niches and websites. These tools include the Google keyword planner, SEO quake, Amazon and a few others.

My Bonus

As I mentioned in the first part of this review, if you get this course through my link, I will add an extra bonus on how I use Pinterest to get traffic to my sites. It’s called “The 10 Rules Of Promoting On Pinterest”.

pinterest 10 rules coverOnce you buy through my link, send me the transaction details and I’ll send you the guide.  Pinterest is a good way to get traffic to your site that isn’t really mentioned in Sara’s course so it will help with getting traffic to your sites.

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