Evergreen Video System Review – Flex Your Green Fingers With Derek Allen

evergreen video system reviewSo I’m getting into videos and youtube more these days, mainly as a promotional tool but also as another way to produce website content.

Videos are a good promotional tool because youtube is popular…duh, but also because youtube videos rank in Google so that will get you more traffic and links.

In terms of content, I figure people will see your sites as more authoritative if they have different forms of content or different ways to consume content.

This also means that I’ll try to get audio versions of some articles on my sites soon too.

Anyhow, this thinking convinced me to buy the Evergreen Video system by Derek Allen. And here is my review of it.

Welcome Video

The product is broken down into 6 videos if you include the welcome video.

The welcome video is not your typical 2 minute, thanks for buying sort of video. It’s actually the introductory video to the course.

It lasts 20.40 and explains the concepts behind the course and what you are trying to achieve.

You are essentially creating a generic review site for products that are evergreen.

What does evergreen mean ? Well, products that are well rated on Amazon in niches outside internet marketing. Physical products in mainstream niches like beauty, automotive, electronics and so forth.

I’m guessing that Derek Allen has had a background in creating videos for IM product launches where the product only has a shelf life of a month or so before another product comes along.

This renders your video and the hard work you put into it redundant.

Hence the idea of promoting products that will sell for many years or be evergreen, meaning your videos will last longer too.

That pretty much sums up video one – the welcome.

Video 2 – Site Setup (length : 26.25)

Here he shows you how to set up a wordpress website that will become your generic review site.

He recommends a free theme and 8 free plugins to make the site look like a popular generic review website that is considered an authority on product reviews by Google.

He assumes that you know what wordpress is and getting a domain/hosting and installing wordpress. If you are completely new to it, he recommends you look on youtube for beginner videos.

Video 3 – Keywords and Niche Finding (Length : 30.13)

Derek Allen's Evergreen Video System Review

The course is a series of videos roughly 20-30 minutes long each.

As I have already mentioned, he recommends that you find your products at Amazon to begin with.

He has a criteria that makes a product “eligible” for your further attention.

Once you have a product, he recommends you use Google search, the Google keyword tool and the Majestic SEO to do keyword research and competition analysis.

This is quite simple to follow so you would get bogged down with analysis paralysis.

Video 4 – Content and SEO (Length 33.13)

This is about writing reviews or rather curating other people’s reviews on your review website. His thinking is that you are then giving genuine insights into the product rather than just making stuff up which is misleading and against FTC guidelines.

If you have the product then you might approach the review in a more candid manner but since you are going to be review lots of products, the chances are you won’t have them all. So curating other people’s opinions works for you and potential visitors/buyer of the product.

This video also covers on page SEO for the review page you are creating. If you have done any on site SEO in the past, you will probably know this already.

Video 5 – Off Site SEO (Length 23.08)

This is where he covers getting back links for your review site and individual pages on the site. The aim is to get your site and individual pages to rank in Google for keywords that you found in Video 2 niches and keywords. These keywords are basically product names and buying keywords

He recommends fast start linking with social bookmarking and then more long term options such as creating your own link network.

As I’m moving away from SEO, I wasn’t so keen on this video.

I would suggest getting cheap traffic from Facebook to prove the concept before relying on SEO. If the concept worked and you started making money then I would reinvest the money on better on page content like user guides and more in depth research on brands. Side by side comparison style reviews might also work. Even get enough money to buy some of the products and then do a personal review video.

My feeling is that any link building is risky these days but good on site content may generate genuine unsolicited links which are exactly what Google wants. And good on site content may open up opportunities for guest blogging which is also a safer link building practice.

Again, it depends what you want for the site. If you want to still be running the site in 3-4 years time then your link building needs to be squeaky clean. If you plan to sell the site in a year or 2 then maybe you can be more cavalier as it’s ultimate fate may not be your responsibility.

Video 6 – Videos and Monetize (Length 29.26)

Surprisingly, for a course on video creation, this is the only video that goes into creating videos in any depth.

His method is actually very simple. It consists of a combination of screen capture and powerpoint slides and him talking directly about the product. This fits in with his system where the video is only really aimed a whetting the viewers appetite and promises more information over at your site.

As he says, the video is really just a lead capture for the site.

You are left wanting a little more about making videos and optimizing them for youtube after watching this video.

The good thing is that he includes a few bonuses throughout the course which cover creating and optimizing videos. Some of these bonuses are past WSOs that he released and at first glance they look pretty good.

The bonuses are :

  • Contagious Video Marketing
  • Outsourced Video Affiliate
  • Tube Underground
  • Seo And Backlinks
  • Universal Video SEO Guide

In fact, I’d go as far as saying the bonuses are all about video creation and ranking in youtube more than the course itself.


The course itself is about a system you can put in place that makes you money as an affiliate marketer using video as the main source of traffic.

My only concerns are that it relies on SEO too much. I’d try some form of paid traffic, even just to get subscribers to a news letter. I also think that you would have to mix up the videos after a while. If you just did the same “teaser review” style videos all the time, it would become too predictable and people may start to ignore them. Also, if you wanted to turn your site into a true authority, you would have to add different styles of content. I don’t think a long term website will succeed having wall to wall reviews but maybe I’m missing something here.

With that said, it’s a good, well presented course that is very good value for the price.

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