Headline Handgun Review – Test Review…Please Ignore

Headline Handgun ReviewHeadline Handgun is a seemingly simple product but scratch beyond the surface and you can find some real “golden nuggets” as the phrase goes. That is if you are panning for gold in the internet marketing or copywriting hills that is !

The product is a pdf guide written by Chris Munch. He contends that he is a testing fanatic and through countless hours of writing real headlines and learning from what worked, he has distilled the best headlines and the best way to write headlines.

He goes on to say that his headlines have been featured on websites like the BBC and Today (I’m assuming that the articles attached to the headlines also featured).

But what’s so important about headlines ? Well, in a word….everything !

No 1. Skill In Internet Marketing

If you ask many internet marketers what is the most important skill to have to be successful, many will say copywriting. Copywriting is salesmanship (I would have said sales person ship but my spell checker doesn’t recognize it…is my spell checker sexist !?) in print. And, when it comes down to it, selling is the most important skill you need in internet marketing.

And in copywriting, special emphasis is placed on the headline.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing, be it good old article or blog post writing or something more exotic like email broadcasts and follow up series, you need a good headline.

The headline is the way that you get **ATTENTION**

No matter how profound your post is or how brilliant your broadcast may seem, it’s going nowhere if potential readers never read it.

And the same goes for  PPC ads,  social media and even old school print media (for offline prospecting or prospects).

What’s Loaded In The Handgun ?

And that’s where Headline Handgun fits into the picture.

It’s a short (action packed as the author puts it) guide of around 17 pages long.

It starts by talking about how to test headlines, which was quite new to me.

He covers 3 ways to test headlines for articles and blog posts.

One way to test headlines for email campaigns using a specific autoresponder service.

Same for PPC ad campaigns using the supplied tools .

Social media is harder to test.

Offline testing is easy provided you can create unique links for each type of offline media that you publish. In that way you can measure the response.

He then goes on to one of the most important factors imo in getting your headline right – understanding who your reader is.

Headline Hacks

After that the guide is a sort of case study or series of headline hacks. He reveals some of his best performing headlines and explains how and why they work.

There are  36 “hacks”. Some are simple do this advice and some are broken down into a sort of template that you can implement directly.

The hacks work mainly for posts and articles but will also work with PPC and emails.

With this said, the next section goes into more depth about email writing. It even goes beyond the writing of headlines and talks about what to put in follow up messages and random email tips. All very good if you want to get more responsive subscribers and write emails that sell.


I would recommend the Headline Handgun as a quick read that will give you a few ahaa moments .

Moreover, you will probably return it often as you learn the art of writing a compelling headline. Writing headlines, and any kind of writing for that matter, is a craft that you can only really learn by doing. As you do, the headline handgun will be a valuable reference guide.

And finally, the headline of this post looks a bit odd, right….but according to the author this type of headline got a 91% open rate. Quite amazing…I’ll have to see how it goes for me.

==>Check out the Headline Handgun here <==

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