Infographics Backlink Crusher Review – How I Crushed And Boomed…

Infographics Backlink CrusherIt’s funny how turns of phrase catch hold. This could be in general or within a subset or niche of people. In the case of the internet marketing niche, two words or catchphrases seem to have taken off recently, notably using “crush it” and “boom”. Both sort of imply the same thing – massive and unstoppable success promptly following some taken action.

Personally, I prefer boom to express my unstoppable success…crushing seems a bit too violent. However my droogs behind the latest infographics software release have gone with a bit of ultraviolence to describe it. So do I have a crush on Infographics Backlink Crusher ? Here’s my review.

Are you making Infographics ?

Infographics are the latest promotional content to get backlinks and visitors to your websites…think of them as article marketing used to be a few years ago.

In other words, still kind of new and unsaturated.

Meaning you get backlinks and visitors.

Cool. Sure this will change with time but at the moment….boom, it works !

There are two problems though.

  • The first is making the infographics…more on this later.


  • The second is getting the graphic out and about and promoting your site. This is where infographics backlink crusher comes into the picture.

It’s an automation software tool that submits your freshly crafted graphic to 50 sites that accept this kind of content.

This is a great time saver as you can imagine, but does it work ?

I set the software up which was fairly straightforward. The help or manual is just a webpage which has  a list of things you have to do to set everything up. It’s not bad but there is no formatting or subsections relevant to each screen of the software so it can be a little hard to follow.

With this said, I set everything up and ran a couple of tests.

In both tests I submitted a graphic to one site. The processing for each test took 2 minutes. During the processing it informed you what was going on on the screen – logging in, submitting graphic, emailing etc.

At the end, it said the task was completed.

You could also look at the report to see how the submission went.

I looked at the report and it said it was good.

At this stage, the graphic I submitted hasn’t appeared on the two sites. So I’ll have to keep an eye on them to see how it goes.

I looked at the first 10 sites listed as submission sites and a few of them are paid submissions. You have the option to deselect certain sites, so that’s what I would do with the paid sites unless you have a bit of money to spend (one site was $50).

Other sites say they will fast track the submission process for a small fee ($5) or it might take 1 month before the graphic goes live. I’m just going to go through the normal channels and see when the graphic goes live.

So, on first test, the software appears to work but this can only be proved when the graphic goes live. And I’ll do a bit more testing too.

Are there any weaknesses to the software ?

It works well at this stage.

I think it will be important that they keep the submission sites up to date. It’s only as good as the sites it submits to.

The Sales Process

The base version which submits to 50 sites goes for $10-15.

The upgrade, which is the same software but with 25 extra sites to submit to. It’s $27

There is another upsell of the software Instant Infographics Presence for $47. This is software that helps you make infographics.

So if this is something you struggle with, then you might want to look into it.

My Bonus

However, if you buy through my link, I’ll give you a bonus pdf which shows you how to create these infographics using free resources. It also shows you how to get inspiration for your graphics – ideas on what to create rather than just how. As far as I can see, this isn’t covered in the any of the software. So you could say that this bonus is worth at least $47.

So there you go, not quite the boom I expected but still the software has potential if you use it right.

==> Get Infographics Backlink Crusher here

Contact me with your receipt and I’ll send you my “Infographic Creation Made Easy” pdf guide.


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