Instant Infographic Presence Review – Infographics Made Easy ?

Bertranddo and Paul Clifford have released a new piece of software that lets you create your own infographics. It’s called Instant Infographic Presence.

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  • The Button master tool.
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  • A graphics pack – various icons that can be used to make your infographics.

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 Here is a quick review of the product…but first :

What’s the big deal about Infographics ?

Infographics are a great fit for the internet as people are often overwhelmed by the amount of information available to them. This means that they have poor attention spans. They would rather watch a video or skim a page than have to read something. Hence infographics are the perfect fit. They turn information into pictures which are perfect for taking in at a glance.

The popularity of infographics means that publishing these types of graphics on your site will get it more attention and even position it as an authority in whatever niche it may be in.

Plus, infographics are also a great promotional tool to spread the word about your site. To this extent, they are what article were a few years ago.

So What’s Instant Infographic Presence All About ?

Instant Infographic Presence video

 It’s a piece of software that makes creating infographics easy. It’s basically a simple graphical tool specialized for making infographics.

When it loads up, you are presented with a blank canvas.

You can upload a picture or image from your computer to be the background to your new graphic or you select a background or template provided by the software.

Once you have the background, you use the various other options to create the details of the infographic.

These options include :

  • Text
  • Border
  • Graphics

There are different sizes, fonts, colors and so forth for the text.

The graphics consist of clip art type images for people, computers, smartphones, bar charts, pie charts, graphs and so on.

Instant Infographic Presence review

The software interface is simple to use…

Using these elements, you can create your own unique infographic.

When you are happy with your creation, you can preview your work or download it to your computer.

Once downloaded, you can do whatever you want with it. As I said, you should publish it on your site, syndicate it on directories or offer it up as a guest post.

On that note, if you struggle to get guest posts accepted or even viewed by potential blog partners, sending them a unique infographic will increase your chances of getting a favorable response.

Is The Software Good ?

On the whole, yes, it does a good job at creating simple infographics quickly.

It was fast when I used it.

There are heaps of graphics so you can make your own unique infographics…although I would hope that they add to the graphics as part of regular updates….you can never get enough graphics ;)

Easy to use without heaps of training and easy to give to an outsourcer.

No branding other than your own site if you want it.

What’s Not So Good ?

It’s an online application so you need to be connected to the internet to use it. I would prefer a desktop application personally.

The plus points of an online application are that you will always be using the latest version and your computer hard drive won’t get clogged up with huge graphics files but nevertheless I’d prefer a desktop app myself.

They give you the tool but don’t really tell you about the creative aspects of an infographic – getting the ideas.

This is quite important so I have created a 20 page bonus which covers how to get new ideas, no matter what niche you are in. It also covers how to promote your “piping hot” new infographic for maximum effect.

It will help you actually use the Instant Infographic Presence software and get more out of it. And it will show you how to use infographics more effectively.

To get the bonus guide, simply get the software through my link and then send me your transaction details and I’ll send the guide across. The other 3 bonuses will be available with the infographics software.

instant infographics presenc

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