List Frenzy Review – Are Subscribers Like Sardines ?

list frenzy review The implication in the name of Andre Stoelinga and Anton Nadilo’s new list building product is that something frenzied will happen if you apply it. And given that they have fish on the product sales page….my somewhat left field brain immediately thought of the annual sardine run in the Indian ocean.

If you have never seen or heard of this, it’s when a huge school of sardines return to their spawning  ground. Apparently the size of the school can be seen from space….or was that the Great Wall of China ;) I doubt this somehow but it’s pretty big anyhow. Seven kilometers long apparently. This huge amount of “food” attracts just about every predator in the sea and air.

Dolphins, sailfish, tuna and sharks go into a feeding frenzy as they get their fill of sardine. Birds like the Gannet and Cormorant come swooping down at near vertical angles to spear a tasty morsel or two.

It’s pretty wild and downright dangerous, not just for the sardines, but all the predators too.

So does this product, the List Frenzy, teach you to treat your subscribers like sardines ? Let’s find out with this quick review……

List Frenzy consists of 16 video tutorials and a PDF reference guide.

Each video is around 5 to 15 minutes in length. The PDF is essentially a recap of everything in the videos. This is a good move as I hate having to re-watch videos just to clarify a question I had.

The first videos start with the basics, things like :

  • what you need to start list building
  • setting up your first list
  • setting up a squeeze page
  • how to get a good conversion rate on the squeeze page
  • setting up a sales funnel
  • how to create or source products for a giveaway and one time offers
  • how to receive payments and deliver your digital products….even if it’s 2 am in the morning :)
  • how to treat subscribers
  • what are the important numbers and how to track them in list building
list frenzy inside

Inside the membership area…That’s Anton

The next part is more to do with building the list.

This is the juicy part of the course and uses some quite creative ideas.

I’ll spill the beans a bit here…their main strategy is ad swaps but I can’t give too much more away.

If you know what ad swaps are, you might roll your eyes.

I did myself but they have some very clever ideas that I’ll be implementing into my own list building strategies.

They also give their spin on other list building methods, such as jv giveaways, banking clicks and solo ads.

One thing to note is that you need to have a list of around 300 to implement their strategies. They give you ways to get this for free but it will take time and they actually recommend that you buy your first 300 using solo ads to fast track the process.

list frenzy faststart

Fast Start Guide and other bonuses to get you up and running.

They offer bonuses that can help you get started with list building :

  1. 2 high converting squeeze page templates with download page (proven to convert)
  2. A 24 Auto responder email series of high quality content, strategies and tips about internet marketing (you can use this to send out to your subscriber list)

And a couple of audio interviews :

  •  A 90 minute interview between David Eisner and John Cornetta (big hitters in list building)
  •  A 40 minute interview between Frank Salinas and one of the products authors Andre Stoelinga

These are great interview. The first one is amazing because of the big thinking that these two guys have. Cornetta has a list in excess of 300 thousand. So they are list building on an industrial scale.

The second interview is more about developing a list so that you can start selling solo ads.

There is also a traffic getting product from John Thornhill and something called CopyConquest by Adil Amarsi. I pretty much just skimmed through these two. The CopyConquest is about writing copy and emails and it’s not bad.

So do you learn how to treat your subscribers like sardines on the sardine run ? I’d say no. This isn’t a churn and burn strategy that they suggest. It’s not an aggressive approach to list building. They recommend you look after your list but also make it clear that you are a marketer and are marketing to them.

Anyhow, this is a very good course which I recommend you take a look at if list building is something you want to do or want to get better at.

>>> Go here to get all the details

If you do decide to buy the course through this link, then I have a couple of bonuses for you

1.My short report “10 Things To Avoid When Building A List” – build your list right from the start
2.Another short report “List Building Trifecta” – 3 ways to start building your list today

To get my bonuses, send me details of your purchase and I’ll send the reports out immediately.

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