Rapid Rewriter Review – Short Circuit Your Article Writing Time

Writing articles can be a right pain in the you know what. If you are not an experienced writer it can be painful getting the words onto the paper or screen. Even if you have some experience of writing, it just seems to take a long time and is never ending if you want to write fresh content. In short, it’s not really a good use of your time when you could be doing things that make you more money in the long run.

One solution to this, especially for promotional articles, is to use an article spinning software tool. There are all sorts of tools around now, the best spinner is a popular product that requires an annual fee. Spinchimp uses the same payment model. Both these spinners are good and have complicated features that can really help you produce well spun articles.

One such tool that may not have all the functionality of the other two is called Rapid Rewriter. Although it doesn’t have the functionality of the other two, it still does a very good job and is a one time fee. I give the product to  my outsourcers as you can use the software without any license restrictions. None of the other spinners have this feature.

What Rapid Rewriter Does

To begin this Rapid Rewriter review, let’s give a brief overview of what the software does. Basically, it will spin or create a number of different variations of a seed article. It does this by finding synonyms for as many words in the article as possible. It can also alter sentence structures by finding matching phrases or even whole sentences. This can be done automatically by the software or manually by a human (or even a mix of the two).

The seed article is “marked up” by all these different synonyms. The software then analyzes all the marked up text to select one of the words. It takes a different variation of the original article in this way. This is known as spinning and allows the software to create dozens (50 -100 different variations) of the articles. Each variation effectively says the same thing but in a different way. This makes them unique in the when the search engines look at them. This has obvious advantages to anyone who understands SEO.

These articles can be used on your site or, more commonly, be used in article marketing campaigns to promote your website. You can submit unique versions of the articles to all the different article directories. You can also use the original article to create sites like hubpages, squidoo and other web 2.0 properties that point back to your website. Given that the articles will be unique in the eyes of the search engines, this should give your website more link juice and push it up the search engine result pages.

A comparable product to Rapid Rewriter  is Magic Article Rewriter. Both have a one time only payment option unlike the other products mentioned before. And both do a good job. They have good synonym packages and you can add you’re own words to the database. The more you write, the more synonyms you will create and this will ultimately make spinning the articles easier.

The Rapid Rewriter software goes another step and serves as an auto-submitter as well, inputting your logins and article data to major article directories around the Internet. It’s easy to use and can also produce simple HTML versions of articles that will provide easy to use web content in seconds.

In short, it takes all the best features of the other article spinners on the market and puts them into a single, well designed product. The price is competitive with any other service and the bonuses offered by the author are tremendously useful.

Downsides of Spinning

It’s impossible to write a Rapid Rewriter review without mentioning the inherent downsides of article spinning.

Spun articles are generally only useful for promotional activities. You wouldn’t want to put a spun article on your website. Although if you spun an article to 100% there is probably no harm in doing that from a search engine perspective. However, you might find that the clarity and persuasiveness of the original seed article might be lost with such heavy spinning. So while these types of articles work great for back linking, you will never be able to replicate original content’s ability to drive clicks and build trust in a niche.

That’s not a knock on the product itself, but rather a reflection of the way article spinning itself works. It’s not an all-in-one solution, but rather a tool to use for a very specific type of article writing. The templates and extra instruction you gain by purchasing this product make it far more valuable than all that as well, providing a blueprint of sorts for how to use your new software tool. However, if you are interested in trust building content, you will still need to pay for original articles.


Rapid Rewriter is a solid article spinning software tool. It works well and does it with the minimum of fuss. The interface is easy to use and ensures you will be producing Copyscape friendly, non-duplicated content in no time at all. The price is a one time fee and is about the market rate for this type of product. You do well to check it out, especially for outsourcing requirements.

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