Review Of The Chronic Marketer By Brad Gosse

Chronic Marketer by Brad GosseWhen I first saw Brad Gosse on video, I was struck by how laid back and natural the guy was. He doesn’t spit out words at a hundred miles an hour like a marketer trying to come across all enthusiastic and energized, hoping to transfer this energy over to the watchers. He doesn’t seem to talk in a series of elevator sales pitches joined together by the a well placed conjunction or preposition.

I thought it was just his style – a sort of anti-marketing marketer if you will, to stand out from the crowd. And this well may be the case but after reading his book, I realize it could also be because he is stoned.

A High Functioning Entrepreneur

He mentions that he smokes weed a bit but if this is not your thing or puts you off reading the book, I wouldn’t worry too much. It’s certainly not the focal point of the book and the greater point that it is trying to make, I believe, is that you can live your life on your own terms when you are an entrepreneur.

So you can do what is important to you when you want to do it rather than when other people tell you.

His thing is weed, yours could be something totally different.

He is a high functioning entrepreneur in both senses of the word – extremely successful (he’s been in the game for close to 20 years) and also the other meaning.

He has done just about everything in internet marketing from affiliate marketing, offline marketing, product creation, hosting, speaking as a guru and many other things.

His book basically lays out his story and the lessons he learned throughout.

It’s not a step by step sort of book. It more like his views on certain aspects of internet marketing.

I initially thought that apart from the start, where he talks about his story, the book is a bit random. But I thought a bit more and there is some coherence.

The first few chapters tell his story and the things you need to set up an internet business.

The next few chapters focus on coming up with ideas and product creation.

Then a few chapters on getting a product ready for sale – price point, sales page and copywriting and things like that.

Then the next few chapters talk about getting website traffic and a few ways to do this.

The next few chapters talk about things that you might focus on after you have a few products out. This includes outsourcing, dealing with customers,  being productive.

After that the rest of the chapters seem a bit random and seem to be his views on being and entrepreneur.
The book is a short read, even though it is 240 odd pages long. I read it in a couple of sittings. There is quite a few blank pages in between and each chapter is short.

What I got out of the book

I think the point of the book is that as an entrepreneur, you are very different from the average person. Not necessarily better or worse, just different.

You have to think differently and most advice you will get from people will not be relevant to you. This will scare many people as it can be quite lonely, uncertain or just plain hard work.

But if you can work through all these problems and come out the other side, you can live your life on it’s own terms. Living life on it’s own terms is something that most people aspire to, but when they realize what is required to get to that point, they lose interest.


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