Speedy Profit Creator Review – Great Product For Cranking Out Simple Information Products

speedy profit creator review - video on productThe Speedy Profit Creator was released as a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) a couple of months ago by Omar Martin. This was the first product I had purchased from Omar but I had heard about him as a buddy and former student of John Thornhill. John seems to have a solid reputation in the internet marketing world. Despite the success he has had, he still seems to be a down to earth guy.

Omar seems to be cut from the same cloth although a bit more polished (or should that be tailored) and more of a salesman in my opinion. But he is still genuinely out to help his customers just like John. So this brings me on to Speedy Profit Creator. What’s it all about and is it any good ?

Speedy Profit Creator Revealed

So the Speedy Profit Creator is about creating information products that you can sell online – it covers video and audio products but it’s main focus is pdf ebooks.

There are 3 products for sale at different price points ($5, $17 and $37).

The five dollar product is a report (and audio version) telling you about the virtues of creating information products and how this is the way to crack it online. It walks you through what is needed and what you have to do to get a product up online.

The 17 dollar product is the report, a video course about putting information products together and 40 or so private label rights (PLR) products that you can modify and call your own.

speedy profit creator plr product

Example of the type of PLR products

Private label rights products are full blown products (ebook, graphics, website with sales copy, keywords used for promotion etc.)

Using PLR is like a fast start way to get a product up and is probably good experience for a newbie to learn the process of  producing an information product.

You can amend the products and slowly turn them into your own product or something that covers the topic in great depth. In short, become a product that you can be proud of.

Rome wasn’t build in a day after all, and there is a lot to do to put your first product up. When you do it once, the next time all the infrastructure behind the product (website, sales copy etc.) gets a lot easier.

The PLR products are mainly internet marketing topics but there are also a fair amount of non IM related products -  weight loss, online dating, bass fishing, baby showers, green living and that old favorite dog training !

mac daddy speedy profit creator review

Mac Daddy Is The Best Option IMO....

The $37 product, titled the Mac Daddy is the first two products plus software that makes it very easy to produce pdf ebooks (in fact, the $5 report is created using the software).

As you might imagine, the first two products are good but they are designed to convince you to upgrade to the main Mac Daddy product.

They tell you what can be done and give you a lot of the pieces to the puzzle but the final piece, that makes taking action more achievable is the software. If you plan to get the Speedy Profit Creator, I would advise you cut to the chase and get the full version of the product.

Is The Software Any Good ?

So if you get the Mac Daddy version of the product you get access to the software and training videos/pdf user manual for the software.

First off the training videos are good and some other guy has his own series of videos in there showing you how to use the software.

You add each chapter in a separate box. You can add pictures at the start of the chapter. If you want to add pictures they have to be uploaded to a url location. You can’t browse your computer for the images. This is a bit of a pain but not a big deal.

speedy profit creator software

Using The Software - copy and paste your text files

The software only allows you to create 10 chapters. So if you have an introduction and conclusion chapters, you can only have 8 content chapters. This was a problem for me on my first book. I had to collapse a few chapters into others which made the flow a bit awkward but again, it’s not a big deal.

You have to add each chapter from a text file but for me this still produced weird characters in the finished product. They also have a text cleaner software program that removes the special characters so I ran my text files through this and had no problems with the special characters.

Once you have all the text ready and pictures added, you save the book. Once saved, you can then render the pdf version of the product.

In a few minutes the pdf, including nice looking front cover and header is produced (you have to create your own cover and header or get it outsourced).

You can download it to your computer and then set to getting a website made for the product.

The software is good but you are limited by a few of the issues mentioned above. With this said, it’s easy to create simple pdf information products quickly.

Is That It ?

Omar makes mention of how to sell the product – creating a squeeze page and putting good sales copy on it. He also covers some promotional strategies to get visitors to the new site.

If you include the keyword lists, this gives you some ideas and ammunition to get visitors to the site. But like most things in internet marketing, promoting the product is probably the hardest part of the job. It is an ongoing process that you constantly have to tweak and improve on.

So Speedy Profit Creator is a good product for creating products, but to really make money from your efforts, you are going to have to learn or know how to promote those products.

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