Get More Visitors To Your Blog With Gravatar And Google Author

Get More Visitors To Your Blog With Gravatar And Google AuthorIf you have been blogging for a while, you’ll know that getting visitors or traffic to your site is one of the biggest problems you’ll face. There are all sorts of guides and tutorials on how to get visitors or traffic.

The thing that these guides rarely mention is that, unless you are paying for traffic, it is a slow process. The strategies and techniques are fairly easy to do but most people fall down on being consistent and constantly improving how they implement the techniques.

Getting a Gravatar and a Google Author listing are two ways to improve you traffic getting techniques. Let me explain why and why you should add these two strategies to your traffic getting arsenal.

What’s A Gravatar ?

Gravatar stands for globally recognized avatar. In other words, a picture of yourself or your company that identifies you on the internet. Typically, it is a small, thumbnail sized picture that you load up to the Gravatar website.

After that, whenever you make a comment on a persons blog, your picture shows up next to the comment. So what’s the big deal you say ?

Well a comment without a picture is far less likely to get a click through than one with a picture. People respond to pictures and comments without an image are considered bland. Adding an image of yourself or a logo of your company if you are representing your company can take the blog commenting traffic getting strategy up a notch or two. Try it and watch how click through increase.

Some people even get quite devious about this and add a stock photo of a pretty woman as their gravatar. Undoubtedly this works as men naturally respond to pictures of a pretty woman and women appear to also respond to another woman out of a genuine interest.

Of course, if you are trying to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, this tactic is going to have limited success and may even backfire on you if you ever reveal your true self. And it’s completely the wrong mindset to begin with.

What’s Google Author ?

Google Author is very similar to a Gravatar except that it’s Google’s take on the avatar idea. It’s also a thumbnail picture that you load up but the picture is featured on Google’s search engine results page listings rather than in comments left on blogs.

This adds a whole new dimension to natural search results and since the idea is fairly new, not many people are taking advantage of it.

When people type a query or phrase into Google search they get a listing of possible websites that satisfy their query. Usually they will click on the top three results but factors like the title of the website  and the short description of the page below the title can sway a potential visitor.

With the advent of the Google author, alongside the title and the short description, you can now have your picture. For the same reasons as people may click on a comment with a picture, they may also decide to click on a search engine listing with a picture. It gives the seemingly bland, text listing of a website a human touch.

And, as I have already mentioned, since this is still fairly new, not many listings will have this. So a page ranking number 8 may well get clicked on if it has a picture. And more click throughs could even push it up the listing too.

So in short, adding a Google Author image is a very simple and legitimate way to improve your search engine optimization for your site.

How Do You Get A Google Author Image ?

A Google Author Image is taken from your Google + entry. So you have to have a Google + account and you have to have a photo of yourself in the account.  By having a Google account like gmail you can get a Google + account and start getting more visitors to your blog or website.

5 Responses to “Get More Visitors To Your Blog With Gravatar And Google Author”

  • clare on July 16, 2012

    Great post – I registered with Gravatar months ago but my image doesn’t come up on all the blogs I leave comments on. Not sure why but it does on some. I guess because blogs use different commenting systems?

    Anyway cheers, will check it out again! :-)

  • Roger Weavers on July 25, 2012

    Hi Ade,

    I discovered this a week or so ago and set it up on my blog. Its good to see your face on the front page of Google.
    The only problem is now I have another site to maintain, my Google+ site. Shame it doesn’t work using Facebook or Twitter.


    • admin on July 27, 2012

      Thanks for commenting you say a picture will win every time, even if it is slightly below the non picture article in the SERPS.

      Managing multiple social accounts is a pain, I’d much prefer to have everything through the blog but what can you do. Google are going to favour + over other social accounts as they want it to dominate the others.

  • Sylvia on July 29, 2012

    Hi Ade,
    Gravatar is a great tool! I was actually in the process of installing disques onto my site but never completed it. You made some really good points about it so I better finish the set up and make sure the setup for my google+ account is done.
    Do you have any tips for google+ that you could share. With so many “fun” things to learn and keep up on…and advice would be appreciated.
    :) Sylvia

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