How Are You Ranking For SEO ?

How are you ranking for SEO ?

Cheer up, don't Let SEO Get You Too Down !

I quite like the Lazy Marketer – Chris Rempel. Well, I like what he has to say about internet marketing anyhow. I’ve bought a few of his products in the past and been pretty satisfied with them. His blog is very good and most of the posts he makes are well thought out and incisive. So I was all over his recent post about how he was ranking his sites in the search engines post Penguin like stink on a monkey.

I can’t say if monkeys are in fact stinky and I suspect that this term is merely character assassination by an odious Orangutan or greasy Gorilla but I like the expression in a cornball sort of way. Anyhow, were was I…oh yes, the bane of every webmasters life – search engine optimization.

The main gist of Rempel’s post was that exact match domains (EMDs) are a great way to rank a site or remains a great strategy. People have been using the EMDs technique for a few years now as a short cut to ranking. There have also been endless rumors that Google would clamp down on these sorts of sites at some stage.

In fact, I have a number of EMD sites and most of them took a hit when the Panda/Penguin changes took hold. Some seem to be coming back with little to no link building on my part. I’ve not even added much content to some of them. They still aren’t getting the traffic they used to but the trend is definitely up from the Panda/Penguin low.

I’m not sure what would happen with new EMD sites as I haven’t launched any recently, but according to Rempel his results for new sites are positive.

Of course this is great that something is working for someone but to give it some perspective, he does say that you should release plenty of sites with this strategy. The implication is a see what sticks sort of  philosophy and not to get too attached to a site. One day something might be up and the next day it could be gone.

This is something that is hard to take for the average internet marketer like me and probably 95% of people reading his post.

It makes for a very unstable income, job and existence in my opinion.

In the end it comes down to spinning many plates on a day to day basis and always chasing the money.

I’m not saying this is wrong but just saying that this is what you can expect to be doing if you follow this method. It can get overwhelming and even downright scary at times if the chase is long and the money is proving elusive.

My thinking is to not be totally reliant on SEO for traffic in your business as a whole. Your SEO will always be in the “testing lab” so being over reliant on it is foolhardy.

He also talked about link shields being a good way to get your sites to rank. I’ve seen a few people use the term link shields recently and wondered who came up with the term.

Link shields seem to be link wheels or link pyramids 2.0 if you like. Whatever you want to call them, it’s simply giving link juice to sites that link to your main or money site. So promoting sites that link to your site.

Your linking strategy can be as debonair or debauched as you like with these sites as your money site is one step beyond. This is not a new idea but it is something that he is pursuing.

He goes on to mention that linking anchor text should be changed to be more generic (Click here for instance) or simply the url itself. Again, I have already talked about this as have others. It’s an attempt to make the links look more natural and less detectable.

Like most things in SEO, the devil is in the detail. If you omit one thing that another person says is working you might not have the same success. Even if you follow someone to the letter, it still might not work for you. It’s just the way things go. In the end you have to work out what works for you.

With this said, if you fancy spinning a few plates, the lazy marketers advice might be something to mull over.

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